This year I was lucky enough again to play again for our Brasilian friends at the Mareh Festival. The location was stunning in Atins in the North of Brasil with the last 2 hours of the trip on a river boat down what seemed like the Amazon. AMAZING!!!



Atins is also knowN for it’s amazing sand dunes in the national park Lencois Maranhenses, which is basically a desert landscape full of rainwater lakes. They only helped add more joy to the Mareh family as they partied for the whole week long.


I was lucky enough to play twice this year. First, on the opening party where I kicked things off actually and was followed by the lovely Paramida from Berlin. Detroit Swindle and Vermelho then finished us off in style as Paramida and I examined the local situation more closely.

Mareh 2019

Following that it was my favourite time of the year. Yes you guessed it!!! The Disco Deviance Boat party at Mareh!!! Truly one of the best inventions ever in my humble opinion. The mixture of sunshine, remote location, positive disco vibes and Brasilians is just so infectious and rather mind blowingly good.


Now I have done many before but this one was really special. And to do it alongside my disco brother from NYC JKriv (he of Razor N Tape and escort amongst other things) made it even more memorable. In fact, I cried like a baby at the end of our back to back set. It was just so good!!! And there was so much joy on that boat. Here is a video of us going off at the end. The quality is a bit shit but I think you will get the basic idea…



Anyway for those who couldn’t make it I did a mix for Mareh as usual and you can check it out here:



VIVA MAREH!!! There are not many parties anywhere with the ambition and sense of freedom, love and family as this one. MUITO BOM!!!



I recently returned to Bali to play at the excellent Potato Head Beach Club.

Bali was the first country I ever visited in Asia and it was the start of a relationship, which has continued now for over 30 years!!! Arriving there as a kid from Glasgow just out of school I was fascinated by how different it seemed to what I knew back then. More dark at night, hardly any decent roads, more ritual, lots of hot and spicy food and a shit load of motorbikes. It was also so beautiful. Once you head up into the hills and see the paddy field regions, which have more greens than you can ever imagine plus lush waterfalls and wonderful temples. Well let’s just say it was a good place to start an affair with Asia.


Decades later and Bali has changed a lot. I have changed a bit too. I am not sure I ever imagined I would be on a line up with two amigos Pete Herbert & Eric Duncan at the biggest and best international beach club in town, Potato Head.

Potato Head Bali 2018

Potato Head just grows from strength to strength. Run by a dedicated and well savvy team of international types they mix a truly relaxed and cool approach with a massive attention to detail and style.


There is very little functional about the building itself. It is like a piece of sculpture fronted by reclaimed wooden window shutters which give it a totally unique look.


Inside the food the food rocks and the music is provided by a handpicked and dedicated team of local and international DJs who are united in their passion for a certain Balearic, or Bali-earic sound that fuses Disco, Downtempo and Electronic with a taste for good music gathered from all around the world. A kind of a new form of international world music really based around hanging at the leading beach clubs like PH and Ku De Ta. This Bali sound has put it firmly on the musical map in the same way Ibiza was represented originally by the Balearic sound of Jose Padilla and Alfredo amongst others.


One of my favourite places to hang while at PH is to head for Studio Eksotika, which is a record shop run by the locally respected and increasingly internationally renowned DEA. I first heard Dea DJ while on one of those eternal taxi rides into Jakarta from the airport. I had been picked up by a driver who was playing one of his DJ mixes and about 30 minutes in after a number of amazing weird tunes I have never heard and strange foreign cover versions of tracks I knew all put together impeccably well…I was hooked!


Since then we have become friends. He is pretty unique. Mostly he is one of the biggest diggers of rare and exotic music you will ever come across. And he is pretty mean at playing it too. Here is an excellent mix he did for Disco Deviance.

In Eksotica he ably assisted by Gero aka Gerry who is an excellent chap and not far behind Dea in terms of knowledge and taste now. You definitely want to try and catch these local guys play when you are in town. And of course you need to go to Studio Eksotika where you can sit drinking cold beers, having great chats, listening to rare music on vinyl from around the world on an audiophile set up surrounded by interesting people and local and international art. You can even order in some food. Now that is some shopping experience!!! I love Eksotika. No trip to Bali would be complete without it.


Gerry also recently dropped a top mix for Disco Deviance!



But there are always surprises too. This year I came across Sam playing a few times. Originally from Java, Sam relocated to Bali and used to play mainly hip hop and techno, but has now shifted into the more Balearic sound. And fuck me if he isn’t good at it. Definitely another DJ to check out!


Then of course there are the long term DJ stalwarts. The people who have helped to build the Bali sound. People like my main man Pete Herbert, Eric Duncan, Paul T, Adriano Giordano, the legendary techno dude Radek, Stu Mac and Joey Fiztgerald amongst others. All capable of long and well crafted sets. And their skills are based around the fact that they know the place, the time and the people. And know what to play to make things really tick. The resident DJs are really the resource that makes Potato Head and other venues on the island shine bright and strong. It really is all about the music in the end. And of course the legendary sunsets when every DJ really wants to play…


Fortunately for me PH also welcome international DJs as well as doing some seriously high profile events with acts such as Grace Jones and DJ Harvey for example.


I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday night gig on the bar deck which is transformed more into a club format for such events. Playing after Pete and Eric was amazing. I can’t think of two better pirates to be on a ship with. Then Gilles Peterson took over bar deck duties on the Monday night with Dea warming it up this time.


So you get the idea…it’s pretty well done.


I also played a sunset set the following week, which is always an opportunity to play a more eclectic set. To play that music you love, but rarely get to play in a club. That is the magic of Bali and the beauty of places like Potato Head. It was a wonderful sunset that day and hot as hell. I loved every minute of it.


So that’s the lowdown on my trip to Potato Head. I advise you to try it out for yourself. In the mean time here is a mix they recently put up of a sunset I did a year or so ago. Hope you enjoy the vibes!!! x




This year I headed back to Tisno in Croatia, but this time to play for the first time at the much raved about LOVE INTERNATIONAL festival.

Love International

I’m a massive fan of the festival set up down at Tisno having played there for many years at events such as Electric Elephant and Lost Disco. For me the events there are now the industry standard and lead the way now for summer raving.

© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (
© Photography by Khris Cowley for Here & Now (

The local town Tisno is such a beautiful, laid back spot full of cosy wee restaurants, friendly locals and deadly rakia. So every visit is a pleasure. Especially to my favourite restaurant Carmen which simply has one of the best vibes and views you can get as you sit there chilling out on their waterside deck. Stick it on your list!

Tisno 2

Love International took over the early summer spot from the original Garden Festival which launched the whole Croatian festival scene way back. And LOVE INTERNATIONAL are certainly ruling it now alongside other top events by Suncebeat, Defected and Dekmantel which all happen in the same party location.

The line ups at LOVE INTERNATIONAL are pretty enormous and very well programmed with some of the best musicmakers and selectors from around the globe all gathering together in an atmosphere that is always packed out and 100% party.

Over the years the organisers have also made a number of interesting innovations such as the early morning chill out/Balearic sessions, a repositioning of the beach stage and the creation of the now established Olive Grove which is one of the most popular places to play tucked away near the pier that the party boats depart from. It’s blend of beach location with club vibe and top sound make it really special.

OLive Grove Love International

And it was to The Olive Grove that we headed this year for an all day Disco Deviance affair featuring myself, Ray Mang and all the way from Rio our amigo Joutro Mundo. It was an epic day out with friends and the feeling was strong on the floor. Big love to everyone who danced that day.

Love International Olive Grove Insta Version 1

In the lead up to the event I did a promo mix on my page to highlight our performance. You can check it out here. A blend of different vibes that get played at the event.


Ray Mang also did a warm up mix for it over on the Disco Deviance page which is also ace and you can check that one out here.



Lastly would like to say a big thanks to LOVE INTERNATIONAL for having us to play. It was seriously good fun x




Big thanks to Gouranga for asking me to do this special mix. They asked for a themed mix. So I decided to do a blend of Brasilian Beats as I realised that I had been learning about the wonderful music of Brasil over the last five years by playing at events and festivals there, in particular at the amazing Mareh festival in Bahia. Along the road I have met many wonderful people, visited some stunning places, had a lot of good times and made some lasting friendships. There have also been a few hangovers too I must admit. This mix is about them and dedicated to them all.

Mareh Boat 4

Now first thing I have to confess is that I am no expert on Brasilian music. This is the story of a learner’s journey into the music and the people who have influenced and guided me. For me music is all about people and relationships. People are what brings music into your life, brings it alive and gives it significance. I could say that in my life music has meant people, and people has meant music.

Mareh Music

I have had many amazing guides on my journey into Brasilian music and the influences of all those people are scattered throughout this mix – people like Joutro Mundo; Selvagem; Ray Mang; Eddie C; Balako; JKriv; Pete Herbert; Guga Roselli; Joakim; Carrot Green and not forgetting the amazing collector Undomundo from Istanbul who sent me my first bundle of Brasilian music way back then. I am proud to call of these people my friends as well as my guides (especially on dark nights).

Most of these people have also contributed in one way or another to the Barefoot Beats label, which has been all about spreading the word about great Brasilian music through DJ-orientated reworks. In fact, many of those reworks are at the heart of this mix.

BB04 B 1400x1400px

Throughout the whole process of gathering the music and mixing it together on the decks in my studio, I was filled with joy and memories – drinking whisky and listening to new music in the heat of the day in Bahia, searching for records on stalls in Downtown Rio, playing on boat parties in Boipeba and on rooftops in Sao Paulo and the thrill of playing to 3000 people in a warehouse in the port of Rio. All music lovers need to keep refreshing their approach and keeping the buzz alive. I got my buzz in Brasil!


I hope you enjoy the journey and the music. I know I have loved finding it and putting it together. And please dig deeper into the music of Brasil, the country and its fantastic people. You will be rewarded with similar memories, friendships and good times.


And massive thanks to Gouranga for hosting the mix and encouraging me to pull it all together.



Happy Birthday Blockhead

Happy Birthday Blockhead

I would like to thank Gouranga for recently posting a tribute rework I did of Ian Dury & The Blockheads ‘Wake Up’ on the anniversary of Mr Dury’s birthday. Thank you.

Below are some words I wrote to accompany the post.

Hope you enjoy!

‘The first 45 single I ever bought was by Ian Dury and The Blockheads and was called ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’. I bought it in a newsagent store called John Menzies, which had a black weekly chart board with plastic letters on it that was updated by hand each week.


I can’t really remember how I came across the track, or if it was just potluck. I probably heard it on Top of the Pops, or on the weekly chart show on the wireless as it used to be called back in those days. Anyway I bought it and to this day it is a song that I love and would be happy to hear any time, any place and it introduced me to the music of Ian Dury and The Blockheads.


Ian Dury for me reflected what pop music and music in general was all about back then – a longing to be different and to make a difference. He was a fascinating character. My Dad said he looked like a bloody idiot, which only made me admire him more. When he performed he had a real edge and his singing style was more like someone talking, or at times even shouting in his own London accent rather than something shiny and polished. And you have remember these were the days of The Bee Gees, Barbara Streisand, Leif Garrett and other such highly manicured artists. He also had a tremendous amount of personal style with his hats, braces, rolled up trousers and boots. And it was all this difference literally rolled together as well as the great music he made alongside The Blockheads, which pulled me in as an admiring youth.

ian dury

And the music…I couldn’t quite explain it at the time. But it was unmistakably ‘New Wave’ although I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant either beyond a handful of artists I was into like Blondie, Talking Heads and The Specials. It was a bit ‘Punk’ and DIY for sure and that was definitely a good thing. But it also had the funk. The Blockheads were a groovy outfit of great musicians. Much later I discovered that Chaz Jankel of The Blockheads went on to make some excellent disco influenced solo productions and that these tracks plus songs by Ian Dury and The Blockheads were played by groundbreaking NYC DJs like Larry Levan in the Disco scene out there and graced the floors of seminal clubs like the Paradise Garage and The Loft. My musical journey from awkward youth to being a DJ myself had come full circle all thanks to Ian Dury and The Blockheads.


Anyway I can’t say I am an expert on Ian Dury or The Blockheads to be honest. I love a lot of their music and it has now been with me my whole adult life while many other things have come and gone. In fact at one stage I used to buy any copy of ‘Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick’ on 45 that crossed my path. But the thing that seems of significance to me and that I wanted to share here with you is the DIY spirit and original style of those times. And they were great times! Acts like Ian Dury and The Blockheads did things differently and did it their own way and gained recognition for what they did via their music around the world. I salute them for that and it gives me, and I hope you, more than a few reasons to be cheerful.


So as a tribute to the genius and spirit of Ian Dury and The Blockheads and as my own personal way of saying thanks for the influence it has had on my life, I would like to share this rework of one of my favourite tracks on this his birthday. THANKS IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS! Your music really has made me feel like a lucky bastard x’

[Originally posed on GOURANGA]




Disco Deviance Electric Elephant Mix 2017

Disco Deviance Electric Elephant Mix 2017

Pedro and I are back playing at one of our favourite festivals ELECTRIC ELEPHANT in Croatia again this year!!!

DT & PH It Wasn't Me

The festival have joined forces with the amazing Obonjan island out there to offer what looks like a pretty unique festival experience and we are excited to see just how much it goes off!!!


Obonjan Island

We are playing alongside a load of friends on a great line up including The Unabombers, Norman Jay, Horse Meat Disco , Ray Mang, Sean Johnson, Gerd Janson, Low Life, Justin Robertson, PBR and many more. Full line up can be checked on the EE website.

We certainly have had some great times at The Elephant over the year!!!

The legendary Disco Deviance boat party in 2015…


Then closing the beach stage last year was really something special too. Especially as we were still standing to witness it.

So really can’t wait for more of the same this year but this time on the rather exotic location of Obonjan. YES!

Now our annual DD EE mixes have become the stuff of legend at impromptu dance sessions in late night burger bars around the globe (thank you Bob x) and it seemed rude not to continue the tradition. So get stuck into the summer sounds of EE with yet another episode from us! Enjoy the music.



And if you haven’t already done it then grab your tickets NOW via the links on the EE Facebook page:

See you soon for more raving in the sun xxx





As soon as I arrived after 8 hours in a taxi…the last two on dust filled tracks in the dark…I went straight to the bar and drank two gin and tonics before I did anything else. That was one hell of a journey!!! BUT I was back at Mareh!!!


Mareh 2017 FINAL

Now my passion for this small but perfectly formed festival is already well known and documented. I have played there many times, released on their labels and have so many friends there now I consider myself part of the Mareh family.



In fact, it is one of the truly unique things about the festival that you see the same faces and friends each time, which really creates a wonderful, familiar vibe. It’s similar to Electric Elephant and Love International out in Croatia, and what our friends Sancho Panza are now building with Campo Sancho. The intimate festival experience I suppose you could call it. Check out this view from our pousada!


Beach 2


There are a number of other key elements that make Mareh very special – the remoteness of the locations, the spectacular attention to detail and artistic effect in the production, and last but not least the key importance of quality sound systems and excellent musical programming. Their sound and music really is always out of this world! Look at this for a set up for New Year’s Eve…amazing!




The remoteness means a long journey for those of us travelling from Europe and beyond. I caught the train to London from Manchester while nursing a hangover from the End Of Year Riot party that I almost certainly deserved. At Heathrow I hooked up with my compadre for the trip Ray Mang and we toasted what was about to come with a couple of Bloody Marys.


Bloody MarysMang & Trisco Airport


Then we were off on a more than 30 hour journey that involved a couple of plane journeys, lunch on Ipanema Beach in Rio, and finally that 8 hour journey in a taxi at high speeds on dark roads until FINALLY we arrived at Cucurumaxatiba where the festival was based…PHEW!!! It would still take a few days before I could manage to say it however…


The setting was beautiful with a long and wild beach stretching along the coast and with quaint pousadas dotted all along it nestling in the trees just behind the sands.


Beach 1


On the first day we had the Disco Deviance boat party, which as usual was one hell of a party, and without a doubt 5 or 6 of the best hours of my life. What a day! What a crowd! And what lot of gin and tonic…Let’s just say the canoe ride back into shore after the party was…interesting. But thanks to everyone who made it such a special day! And Ray Mang did eventually make it safely onto dry land.


DD Boat


Over the next few days I heard impressive sets by Lexx, Jex, Joakim and Marcio Vermelho amongst others and heard that my good amigos Selvagem rocked it again on their boat party, which unfortunately I missed this year. Basically I thoroughly enjoyed the festival vibes to the full. Enough said.

Mareh 02 Jan

On the last night I was part of the Grand Finale down at the Beach Stage. Luke from Horse Meat Disco, who I spent much of my time with during my stay and who is a lovely, interesting chap, got things moving with a classy disco set. Then I took over, did my thing and enjoyed every minute of it. It was so great to play to so many faces I know from all the parties and over all the years. And of course I had to play that Secret Squirrel track that has become a bit of a Mareh anthem. It was met with the standard ‘Everybody’s Feeling’ sing-a-long. One for the memoirs that was…

Eric Duncan

Then as is normal practice at Mareh now Eric Duncan aka Dr Dunks stepped up to take over after me and finish things off. And yes he played yet another stunning set. He always mixes it up, but I will never forget the way he slipped it down a notch a few hours in and started playing a load of disco love songs to a now adoring crowd. It was mighty fine to see such a love vibe ruling the place in a world that seems at the moment to be so focused on division and hate. When Dr Dunks dropped an edit of this one the whole thing was complete…he has a habit of knowing the perfect track for the right moment like any great DJ. What a moment!



And that was that.


If you can ever make it to this little piece of perfection fighting against a sea of mediocrity…then PLEASE do. I know however it isn’t possible for many people…and I feel very honoured to be part of the family.


But at least I can offer a mix I did for the festival to try and capture the Mareh vibe.












My 2017 kicked off with 2 new releases! With both of them coming out on labels from across the pond in the USA.

Kolour LTd Edition

First up it was an honour to put out a nice looking 10inch piece of vinyl on well respected and well established label Kolour as part of their Kolour LTD edition.


The label was originally releasing out of Detroit before one half of its founders Whitey moved to Texas leaving its other founder Justin alone in the legendary Motor City.

As some will already know I visited Detroit for the first time in 2016 and was blown away by the city and its great people. So I was 100% into releasing this record as a tribute to them and the times we had that weekend. Good times! So I want to give a big shout especially to Dustin Pontchartrain and all the good people at the ace Whiskey Disco club there. It’s a great spot!!!

Dicky Detroit 2

I also need to thank Rahaan for picking up on one of the tracks ‘The Feeling Is Strong’ very early on and supporting it. It was a great encouragement.

Kolour LTd Edition

Anyway it’s out, the DJ support has been really great with people like Dimitri From Paris, Rahaan, Horse Meat Disco, Midland, Crazy P, Jacques Renault and KZA amongst others all playing it.

And if you like it then it is pretty LTD but there might still be a few copies out there!

LOL003 B

I was also stoked to get my second release on Denver’s very own Labor of Love imprint. Now it’s no secret that I am a fan of the LoL bossman’s work. I love it. So was a pleasure to be back on wax for them alongside the excellent Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee and of course the man himself Labor of Love who is always on fire for me.


So please have a listen if you missed them and grab one if you can.


And expect so more releases coming out very soon…













It’s been a while….I’ve been busy.

Anyway I was delighted to be asked to play at The Unabombers produced End Of Year Riot this year. Luke and Justin are legends in Manchester and beyond for their many years running the mighty Electric Chair events in the city.

End of Year Riot 2016

Nights like The Chair don’t come around so often. As well as their contribution to developing a great taste in music, they also act as social institutions where people live their lives and grow through them together. They supply the good times. And Electric Chair was a place of dreams for many of its devotees, somewhere they could belong. You can’t buy that shit and as such club nights like Electric Chair are of much more cultural value than many would give them. They are a source of strong community bonds in a society that these days is perhaps rather lacking in such things. And that legacy continues into the present with the annual End of Year Riot gatherings and Luke and Justin’s other ventures into hospitality of a more traditional kind.

The Unabombers

They also personally had a big influence on me although they probably don’t know it. Years and years ago I was staggering around a festival, which will remain nameless, and to be honest I was bored stiff by what was on offer…especially in the dance tents. It was just all heavy and dull as ditchwater. Then I stumbled across something called The Rizla Tent and inside there was an amazing atmosphere and wonderful, eclectic party music with a heavy dose of discotheque. I asked who was playing and was informed it was The Unabombers. Daft name I thought, but great music. In my head I decided I wanted to go to nights like that and if I couldn’t find them I was going to make one. Autodisco my own regular club night in Dundee, which I have been running with Dave Autodisco for the last 10 years, owes a lot of inspiration to The Unabombers. Anyway I am rambling…get to the point.

Northern warehouse

So the night was great! The venue was a suitably shabby, late night warehouse style affair. The atmosphere was raw and old school with the kind of vibe only people who really know each other can produce. I played in a room with Chris Duckenfield (my fav DJ and a good friend) and the ace Maurice Fulton. It was excellent.

End of Year Riot crowd

If you didn’t make it…then I did this DJ mix to promote my appearance. Hope you like the vibes.

And big love to The Riot. Long may it prosper x






You won’t find many producers kicking around that are better than Sir Ray Mang. Believe me! He has been around now on the controls in the studio for decades and really knows his business. More recently he has become a very fine DJ as well and after decades of making music and collecting records that is perhaps no surprise. He is also a very fine chap.
Ray Mang by James Cumpsty
He has released on more legendary labels than should really be allowed…such as Noid, R&S, DFA, Eskimo, Nuphonic, Bear Funk and many others in a long and illustrious career. 
Mangled Logo
His many talents as a musician and producer have driven a wealth of collaborations with people like The Idjut Boys, The Glimmers and Foolish Felix amongst others. More recently Ray has teamed up with Bill Brewster to form Mang Dynasty. In all his guises Ray Mang is one of the most prolific contributors to the UK disco/house canon. Here are a couple of favourites of mine that always get played from the Mang Canon!
As a remixer his phone never stops ringing. He’s notched up credits for Gorillaz, Lassigue Bendthaus, Banda Black Rio, Shirley Bassey, Grand National, Beck, Bryan Ferry, Doves, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Freddie Mercury, Bloc Party, Munk, Rob Garza, Friendly Fires, Classixx, S-Express, Daniel Grau & Los Amigos Invisibles with Dimitri From Paris to name just a few. 
Anyway I have been lucky enough to fall into his path many times over the last few years and we have as a result become good friends. So I am very pleased therefore to announce he will be playing at AUTODISCO this month with us. And in anticipation of this great event I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions. I hope you enjoy it!
Autodisco Ray Mang Oct 2016
DT: You seem to own a lot of records. What was the first record you made and how did it come about? Do you still have a copy of it?

MANG: The record I was involved in making in my own studio that came out first was ‘Idjut Boys and Laj – Not Reggae’ I think.  Named after an Instant Funk Sample and featuring the amazing guitar talents of my old friend Hugh Turner.  Can’t say I’ve seen a copy in the house for some years but I dare say there’s one lurking on a dusty shelf somewhere!
Mang-Studio-Pic by Pete Suite
DT: You are a very respected music producer who has been doing it a long time, and you get that quality sound in the studio. So what is your favourite piece of kit or studio technique that gives a Mang track or remix that extra bit of edge and stamp of quality?

MANG: Why thank you Señor Trisco!  I wouldn’t say I really have a specific favourite.  Plenty of extremely useful tools, but nothing that exciting.  The kettle is always important (and I’m not talking drum!).  On the technique front I like to use compression side-chaining, delay designer, Phase-locked flexing (especially on live drums), endless FX, lots of automation and tea!!

DT: How do you see the relationship between making tracks in the studio and playing them out as a DJ?

MANG: It obviously depends on what kind of music is being worked on but if it’s club orientated then it can be quite symbiotic in a good way. Djing (or just going to clubs) gives you an understanding of what can work on the dance floor, an opportunity to listen to lots of music in that environment, sometimes inspiration, and maybe the chance to test works in progress and get some feedback.  Collecting and listening to a lot of music is obviously important to both and goes hand in hand.  It can be a very happy marriage!
Mang@F12 by Sima Korenivski

DT: You seem to be very involved in all things Brasilian these days? Tell us about that and how it came to pass?

MANG: Yes I’ve been lucky enough to go a few times in the last year or two.  Something I’ve wanted to do for some time but for one reason and another it took a while.  Then I was invited to go and play in Brasilia and São Paulo with help from Benjamin, Gui, Du and Miguel.  On that trip I met a whole load of  lovely people who have gone on to be good friends.  One of those was Guga of Mareh fame who then invited me to play his breathtaking NY festival (which I’d heard about from Antonio a few years before after a gig in Madrid) in Bahia followed by a new festival called Marisco in SP earlier this year.  I played in Rio for the first time on the last trip which was also a fantastic experience courtesy of my buddies Esdras, Rodrigo and Eric D!  And it looks like we’ll be back in Bahia for NY again this year eh Dicky!?  Happy days!!!
Ray Mang Acid Boat

DT: What is your favourite thing about DJing?

MANG: It’s of course a lot of fun and such a privilege to be invited to play music for people.  Compared to being locked away in the studio it’s great to have that instant connection.
I really love meeting interesting people and making new friends all over the world.  Travelling and all that goes with it is a wonderful thing.
DT: If you had to give one piece of advice to someone setting out to become a DJ these days then what would it be?

MANG: Same advice I’d give to someone wanting to do anything… If you love it, work hard at it, immerse yourself in it and don’t give up you’ll get a lot back.  Oh and hang on to your flip flops!

DT: What would you say was your best experience so far while DJing? And please keep it clean.

MANG: Ahh that’s a bit like a ‘what’s your favourite record?’ type question.  Impossible to answer.  So many great parties, clubs and festivals.  I love the sun, sea and sand so going to places like Boipeba, Rio, Ibiza, Croatia, Bali, and Australia have certainly been highlights.  Japan is a firm favourite.  Berlin is always great!  The Low Life parties and festival.  Campo Sancho.  Even North Wales can be magical too as you know amigo 😉  Next stop Dundee!  Can’t wait!!! 🙂

DT: Do you think it is possible to go to Mareh this year and return home in your own flip flops?

MANG: Not if you’re there hermano!

Mareh 2017

DT: Name a few producers and DJs you would say are really worth checking out in the current scene?

MANG: Brasilian friends like Selvagem, Carrot Green, Gop Tun, Benjamin F and Balako.  LA buddies like Dirty Dave, Lovefingers & Heidi (Congrats!), Damon, and the Rhonda crew.  Discodromo.  Tomomi and the Moov crew.  Rheinzand.  Alien Alien.  Khidja. To name but a few!  There are so many old and new!!   

10. Finally can you name 5 tracks at the moment that never leave your box?