My 2017 kicked off with 2 new releases! With both of them coming out on labels from across the pond in the USA.

Kolour LTd Edition

First up it was an honour to put out a nice looking 10inch piece of vinyl on well respected and well established label Kolour as part of their Kolour LTD edition.


The label was originally releasing out of Detroit before one half of its founders Whitey moved to Texas leaving its other founder Justin alone in the legendary Motor City.

As some will already know I visited Detroit for the first time in 2016 and was blown away by the city and its great people. So I was 100% into releasing this record as a tribute to them and the times we had that weekend. Good times! So I want to give a big shout especially to Dustin Pontchartrain and all the good people at the ace Whiskey Disco club there. It’s a great spot!!!

Dicky Detroit 2

I also need to thank Rahaan for picking up on one of the tracks ‘The Feeling Is Strong’ very early on and supporting it. It was a great encouragement.

Kolour LTd Edition

Anyway it’s out, the DJ support has been really great with people like Dimitri From Paris, Rahaan, Horse Meat Disco, Midland, Crazy P, Jacques Renault and KZA amongst others all playing it.

And if you like it then it is pretty LTD but there might still be a few copies out there!

LOL003 B

I was also stoked to get my second release on Denver’s very own Labor of Love imprint. Now it’s no secret that I am a fan of the LoL bossman’s work. I love it. So was a pleasure to be back on wax for them alongside the excellent Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee and of course the man himself Labor of Love who is always on fire for me.


So please have a listen if you missed them and grab one if you can.


And expect so more releases coming out very soon…













It’s been a while….I’ve been busy.

Anyway I was delighted to be asked to play at The Unabombers produced End Of Year Riot this year. Luke and Justin are legends in Manchester and beyond for their many years running the mighty Electric Chair events in the city.

End of Year Riot 2016

Nights like The Chair don’t come around so often. As well as their contribution to developing a great taste in music, they also act as social institutions where people live their lives and grow through them together. They supply the good times. And Electric Chair was a place of dreams for many of its devotees, somewhere they could belong. You can’t buy that shit and as such club nights like Electric Chair are of much more cultural value than many would give them. They are a source of strong community bonds in a society that these days is perhaps rather lacking in such things. And that legacy continues into the present with the annual End of Year Riot gatherings and Luke and Justin’s other ventures into hospitality of a more traditional kind.

The Unabombers

They also personally had a big influence on me although they probably don’t know it. Years and years ago I was staggering around a festival, which will remain nameless, and to be honest I was bored stiff by what was on offer…especially in the dance tents. It was just all heavy and dull as ditchwater. Then I stumbled across something called The Rizla Tent and inside there was an amazing atmosphere and wonderful, eclectic party music with a heavy dose of discotheque. I asked who was playing and was informed it was The Unabombers. Daft name I thought, but great music. In my head I decided I wanted to go to nights like that and if I couldn’t find them I was going to make one. Autodisco my own regular club night in Dundee, which I have been running with Dave Autodisco for the last 10 years, owes a lot of inspiration to The Unabombers. Anyway I am rambling…get to the point.

Northern warehouse

So the night was great! The venue was a suitably shabby, late night warehouse style affair. The atmosphere was raw and old school with the kind of vibe only people who really know each other can produce. I played in a room with Chris Duckenfield (my fav DJ and a good friend) and the ace Maurice Fulton. It was excellent.

End of Year Riot crowd

If you didn’t make it…then I did this DJ mix to promote my appearance. Hope you like the vibes.

And big love to The Riot. Long may it prosper x






You won’t find many producers kicking around that are better than Sir Ray Mang. Believe me! He has been around now on the controls in the studio for decades and really knows his business. More recently he has become a very fine DJ as well and after decades of making music and collecting records that is perhaps no surprise. He is also a very fine chap.
Ray Mang by James Cumpsty
He has released on more legendary labels than should really be allowed…such as Noid, R&S, DFA, Eskimo, Nuphonic, Bear Funk and many others in a long and illustrious career. 
Mangled Logo
His many talents as a musician and producer have driven a wealth of collaborations with people like The Idjut Boys, The Glimmers and Foolish Felix amongst others. More recently Ray has teamed up with Bill Brewster to form Mang Dynasty. In all his guises Ray Mang is one of the most prolific contributors to the UK disco/house canon. Here are a couple of favourites of mine that always get played from the Mang Canon!
As a remixer his phone never stops ringing. He’s notched up credits for Gorillaz, Lassigue Bendthaus, Banda Black Rio, Shirley Bassey, Grand National, Beck, Bryan Ferry, Doves, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Freddie Mercury, Bloc Party, Munk, Rob Garza, Friendly Fires, Classixx, S-Express, Daniel Grau & Los Amigos Invisibles with Dimitri From Paris to name just a few. 
Anyway I have been lucky enough to fall into his path many times over the last few years and we have as a result become good friends. So I am very pleased therefore to announce he will be playing at AUTODISCO this month with us. And in anticipation of this great event I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions. I hope you enjoy it!
Autodisco Ray Mang Oct 2016
DT: You seem to own a lot of records. What was the first record you made and how did it come about? Do you still have a copy of it?

MANG: The record I was involved in making in my own studio that came out first was ‘Idjut Boys and Laj – Not Reggae’ I think.  Named after an Instant Funk Sample and featuring the amazing guitar talents of my old friend Hugh Turner.  Can’t say I’ve seen a copy in the house for some years but I dare say there’s one lurking on a dusty shelf somewhere!
Mang-Studio-Pic by Pete Suite
DT: You are a very respected music producer who has been doing it a long time, and you get that quality sound in the studio. So what is your favourite piece of kit or studio technique that gives a Mang track or remix that extra bit of edge and stamp of quality?

MANG: Why thank you Señor Trisco!  I wouldn’t say I really have a specific favourite.  Plenty of extremely useful tools, but nothing that exciting.  The kettle is always important (and I’m not talking drum!).  On the technique front I like to use compression side-chaining, delay designer, Phase-locked flexing (especially on live drums), endless FX, lots of automation and tea!!

DT: How do you see the relationship between making tracks in the studio and playing them out as a DJ?

MANG: It obviously depends on what kind of music is being worked on but if it’s club orientated then it can be quite symbiotic in a good way. Djing (or just going to clubs) gives you an understanding of what can work on the dance floor, an opportunity to listen to lots of music in that environment, sometimes inspiration, and maybe the chance to test works in progress and get some feedback.  Collecting and listening to a lot of music is obviously important to both and goes hand in hand.  It can be a very happy marriage!
Mang@F12 by Sima Korenivski

DT: You seem to be very involved in all things Brasilian these days? Tell us about that and how it came to pass?

MANG: Yes I’ve been lucky enough to go a few times in the last year or two.  Something I’ve wanted to do for some time but for one reason and another it took a while.  Then I was invited to go and play in Brasilia and São Paulo with help from Benjamin, Gui, Du and Miguel.  On that trip I met a whole load of  lovely people who have gone on to be good friends.  One of those was Guga of Mareh fame who then invited me to play his breathtaking NY festival (which I’d heard about from Antonio a few years before after a gig in Madrid) in Bahia followed by a new festival called Marisco in SP earlier this year.  I played in Rio for the first time on the last trip which was also a fantastic experience courtesy of my buddies Esdras, Rodrigo and Eric D!  And it looks like we’ll be back in Bahia for NY again this year eh Dicky!?  Happy days!!!
Ray Mang Acid Boat

DT: What is your favourite thing about DJing?

MANG: It’s of course a lot of fun and such a privilege to be invited to play music for people.  Compared to being locked away in the studio it’s great to have that instant connection.
I really love meeting interesting people and making new friends all over the world.  Travelling and all that goes with it is a wonderful thing.
DT: If you had to give one piece of advice to someone setting out to become a DJ these days then what would it be?

MANG: Same advice I’d give to someone wanting to do anything… If you love it, work hard at it, immerse yourself in it and don’t give up you’ll get a lot back.  Oh and hang on to your flip flops!

DT: What would you say was your best experience so far while DJing? And please keep it clean.

MANG: Ahh that’s a bit like a ‘what’s your favourite record?’ type question.  Impossible to answer.  So many great parties, clubs and festivals.  I love the sun, sea and sand so going to places like Boipeba, Rio, Ibiza, Croatia, Bali, and Australia have certainly been highlights.  Japan is a firm favourite.  Berlin is always great!  The Low Life parties and festival.  Campo Sancho.  Even North Wales can be magical too as you know amigo 😉  Next stop Dundee!  Can’t wait!!! 🙂

DT: Do you think it is possible to go to Mareh this year and return home in your own flip flops?

MANG: Not if you’re there hermano!

Mareh 2017

DT: Name a few producers and DJs you would say are really worth checking out in the current scene?

MANG: Brasilian friends like Selvagem, Carrot Green, Gop Tun, Benjamin F and Balako.  LA buddies like Dirty Dave, Lovefingers & Heidi (Congrats!), Damon, and the Rhonda crew.  Discodromo.  Tomomi and the Moov crew.  Rheinzand.  Alien Alien.  Khidja. To name but a few!  There are so many old and new!!   

10. Finally can you name 5 tracks at the moment that never leave your box?



I was lucky enough to spend 10 days at the wonderful Mareh Festival in Bahia, Brasil over this New Year. It was an amazing time spent with old friends, new friends and in my opinion some of the best DJs around. I found the whole experience pretty inspiring and also managed to let loose a wee bit too…

Boipeba Mareh 2016


The festival is set in Boipeba in Bahia and the parties are thrown on boats, beaches and in the jungle by the Mareh poss who really know how to make a party tick. Check this out from the first party on the 28th:


Mareh 28th


In my opinion Mareh is one of the best festivals you will ever come across in terms of setting, attention to detail, crowd, music and vibes.

Vibes 2

There were many highlights for me and quite a few hangovers too…but here’s a couple I thought I would share.

Selvagem’s set at the first party on the 28th. It was an amazing party that night with over 2000 people ferried in trailers on the back of tractors to a dancefloor in the jungle on the fourthest away part of the island. And the amazing vibe that night was set by Sao Paulo’s dynamic duo..SELVAGEM. Watch out for these guys touring in Europe. They are excellent Djs with musical taste to match and they have been running Sao Paulo’s best respected party for a number of years now. I’m a huge fan.


Eric ‘Dr Dunks’ Duncan also turned in a variety of excellent sets. The man really is an impressive DJ. Almost as impressive in fact as his stamina for partying. His back to back set with Tim Sweeney on the Beats In Space boat party was a perfect start to the festivals watersports. And a recording of it was somehow made and you can check it here. I could hardly stand for those 5 or 6 hours due to the rough seas, the size of the measures in those gin and tonics and the incessant drumming by Eddie C.



Pedro and I were next up on the nautical adventures front and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. Without a doubt it was 5 or 6 of the best hours of my life. Playing in such an amazing setting with one of my best friends and the music flowed from start to finish as well as those gigantic gin & tonics. So many people told me it was one of the best days of their lives afterwards (what an honour)…and I would have to agree. Very special times indeed.

Mareh Disco Deviance Boat Best

Mareh Boat 5


My good mate The Revenge also turned in a really excellent shift on New Year’s Eve that really got the dance floor pumping. It also gave him a break from having to drink capirinhas with me…


The Revenge NYE SEt


Other top sets were dropped by the ever impressive Eddie C, Ray Mang, Middle Aged Marco (they were right he really is very good), Sao Paulo’s other top posse Gop Tun and a new one for me Carrot Green who played an ace beach set and is definitely another one to look out for.

Eddie C

Special mention has to go again to Dunks however who as last man standing gave a masterclass in DJing on the last night at the DJ Romantic dinner and led us all through one last trip around the dancefloor. A really memorable festival was brought to a close by an equally memorable DJ set which included a sing-a-long to this cheeky wee number…



Anyway massive thanks to all concerned at Mareh, especially Guga. Big love!

Mareh Music

And as a tribute to the good times that were had the as thanks for the inspiration they provide I did a DJ mix which you can check out here below.

Enjoy the music! And if you ever get the chance…THEN GO TO MAREH!!!




I had the pleasure recently of warming up for Chris Duckenfield aka The Duck at The Reading Rooms in Dundee.


A Night With...Chris Duckenfield


Now I have to own up from the start and say Chris is my favourite DJ. I’m a fan. In fact, in my opinion The Duck is one of the best disc jockeys the UK has ever produced. He is one of that rare breed who are not only highly technically gifted, but also have a top notch taste in music added to a real performer’s feel for the room and the crowd. He is also a top guy and can drink like a pirate. The full package basically.

Check this House mix he did for our Home Taping label a few years back if you don’t believe me…


or this more Disco influence affair for Disco Deviance:




In terms of history he has also been in the game since the very early days of Acid House when he worked for Warp Records and released on the now legendary imprint as RAC.




 I first met The Duck in Glasgow during his SWAG days after witnessing him hypnotise a whole room of gyrating people. The whole place was vibing as he busied away slapping records on, mixing them in and flipping them off as he nodded away incessantly to the groove. His style was mesmerizing and highly infectious.

SWAG – which he formed along with producer whizz Richard Brown – were one of the most successful UK house acts of the dance era. They made a couple of great LPs, remixed an endless list of underground and major artists, and they also made this track ‘Groove Seeker’s Allowance’ on another legendary label JBO which had a massive influence on people like me.



Since the days of SWAG came to an end, The Duck has continued to DJ rather impressively at residencies like his The Idiots Are Winning in London and at Hopeworks which is part of the Sheffield warehouse revival scene. An annual residency at Electric Elephant in Croatia was also a perfect home for his DJ talents and social skills. And The Idiots boat parties became the stuff of Adriatic legend.



Chris has also been the man and the producer behind a number of highly successful, vinyl only edit/rework projects which have set dance floors on fire around the world. But I can’t tell you about that, or he would have to kill me. So look into it yourself instead.

Personally for me a DJ set without a Duckenfield production is highly unlikely and highly suspicious.

Finally, Chris set up a hands on, small scale distribution company alongside long time chum Alec from Toko about 10 years ago in response to the demise of the top heavy distribution dinosaurs. And even if you don’t know it…All Ears are basically responsible for getting most of the high quality labels and releases that kick around today out there into the shops and right onto your decks.

Anyway enough blowing smoke…The Duck will hate this after all as he is not one to blow his own trumpet. And he strongly dislikes the contemporary world of music/DJIng and its self promoting clap trap.

However to get back to the point of this story…as part of the promotion for the night in Dundee The Duck talked us through some records which are essential items in his box and in his sets. As there was such a great response to them on social media and they were such good tunes, I thought it might be worth posting it up here for more long term viewing. And of course it is always nice to take in The Duck’s very particular turn of phrase.

 Anyway see what you think and if you get the chance to catch The Duck play…then do it! You will not be disappointed.



It’s a rare treat to be given a longer set, so I’m over-packing for the trip up to Dundee & very much looking forward to getting back on the floor with you all at the Reading Rooms this weekend

Dicky asked me to pluck a few favourites from the ever-growing pile of 12’s for this one, so here goes…


A bit of a secret Sheffield weapon, that has never left my bag since it came out in ’93.

Basically a full blown carnival condensed into a fierce, sparse drum jam concocted by the legendary DJ Parrot (Sweet Exorcist / The Crooked Man).




I’m a super sad fanboy when it comes to GC. This one came out a couple of weeks ago via London’s amazing Sounds Of The Universe crew.

A totally irresistible & loose fusion of Chicago / Italo / New Wave that just tears up the dance.




A man who’s clearly forgotten more than most know.

This superb re-edit came out on a 7” a couple of years ago. It’s painfully short, so I took the scissors to it and extended this bold and brassy Northern Soulish stomper into a longer, floor-wrecking & raw workout. Pass the talc !




My most played cut of last year I think. The mysterious Johnny Aux transforms the track into a glorious Acid Houser featuring the legendary Reggie Watts on vocals.

A stripped down and Strobelit masterpiece.




Both this guy’s EP’s on L.I.E.S are stunning, modern Techno collections,  but this track in particular has become an anthem at our wonderful warehouse party Hopeworks. It’s the perfect combination of a hypnotic tribal beating and rich synth pads that’s just an energy powerhouse on the floor.




Another go-to favourite from my Hopeworks residency.

A modern Ma Foom Bey that manages to be insanely uplifting while slightly moody.





Another one that’s never left the bag.

An absolute masterclass in how to arrange a record, this builds beautifully across 8 magnificent minutes into an absolute frenzy.




Norway strikes again !

I have a real soft spot for sellotaped together sample-House jams like this, especially ones that expertly flip well worn loops (GQ’s ‘Disco Nights’ AGAIN).

Less is always more though. A proper jump around, acting stupid record that leaves all the flatulent laptop bore-a-thon’s for dead.



A perrenial Sylvester classic that’s a huge favourite of mine gets a new lease of life via a looped up an expertly edited take by Mr Shake.



And as a late addition here’s a recording of most of The Duck’s set from A Night With…Chris Duckenfield at The Reading Rooms that night. Enjoy the music! We did.










The Mareh Festival in Brasil continues to grow and grow in reputation every year. Starting out as just a small gathering of friends around a great sound system in a beautiful place, it has now become a cool boutique music festival with a growing international reputation in just over a decade.

MAREH 1400X1400PX

They have also now added an impressive record label, Mareh Music, to their list of party tricks. The imprint showcases international and local acts that play at the festival each year and at their monthly nights in Sao Paulo. I have been very honoured to have been involved in the label over the last couple of years and it’s going from strength to strength featuring artists such as Eric Duncan, The Revenge, Eddie C, Max Essa, Pete Herbert and myself.

Mareh 001 SleeveMareh 002 Sleeve

It is a wicked blend of location, music and people that makes Mareh so unique and very special. The last time Pedro and I played at the festival was 2 years ago at Barra Grande in the very North of Brasil where we played alongside Session Victim at the big New Year’s Eve event. And this year we are over the moon (or should that be sun?) to have been booked to return and play at the festival again, but this time in its spiritual home of Boipeba in Bahia.


A very quick google image search will reveal just how amazing Boipeba is as a location for a music festival. It’s a real paradise on the Bahian coast packed full of white sandy beaches and lush looking islands. Where can you find a better place for a week of music, dancing and good times???

Pedro & Dicky Mareh 5

The line up is pretty spot on too with some amazing DJ talents, good people and I am happy to say plenty of amigos on the line up including Eric Duncan, The Revenge, Greg Wilson, Tim Sweeney, Eddie C, Ray Mang, Selvagem & Gop Tun amongst others. So the soundtrack also looks right on the money.

Mareh 2016

It is not surprising either that on the back of the growing reputation of the festival, plus the wider profile gained by releasing a couple of amazing records on the label, that there is now much more international interest in the event. It has been compared in spirit to popular small boutique festivals in Europe such as Electric Elephant and The Garden both in terms of ethos and practice. And after all who wouldn’t mind spending a week in a Brasilian paradise dancing with fellow music lovers and revelers in between long sessions spent on the beach or in the hammock???


Mareh 2016 day to day

One new element of this year’s festival that we are particularly excited about is the inclusion of boat parties. Boat parties at Croatian festivals have become the stuff of legend over the last decade. Good DJs, great music, sunshine and a dedicated crowd. Well do you fancy it? YUP!!!

So we are very proud to be kicking things off with a Disco Deviance boat party at this year’s Mareh. The last DD boat we did was at Electric Elephant last year and what a day that was!!! We still get people mailing us and talking about it now. Here’s a wee clip of the action from that wonderful day:

Can’t wait to see what will happen at the Mareh edition of the DD boat and let the magic unfold.

If you are interested in attending Mareh then tickets can still be purchased direct from Resident Advisor if you are outside Brasil:

And you can check on the Mareh website and Facebook pages for more info on how to buy tickets for the boat parties.

If you are still thinking about it then I can only say that it’s one of the best organised festivals I have ever been to and it’s attention to the small yet important details like the sound, bar, decor etc is all of the very highest standards. Plus the people are great and 100% up for it. So just do it.


A Wee Chat With Frank Booker

A Wee Chat With Frank Booker

Crate digger, Disco Boogieman and my good friend Frank Booker is heading up from New Zealand for a short tour of Europe and the USA this month.

Frank Booker Tour 2015

I have the pleasure of playing with him again at Autodisco on Sat Dec 5th and after last year’s legendary event we are looking forward to more love and mayhem on that dance floor!

Autodisco December 2015 SMALL (1)

This is what happened the last time Mr Booker graced the decks at Autodisco…and we definitely want more!!!


Auto Disco - Crowd Shot - Frank Booker Dec 2014 - DT (6 of 7)


Frank and I caught up recently for a chat about all things Booker and life on the road.

And here’s a DJ mix he put together to promote the tour which you can listen to while having a wee read. Enjoy!

DT: New Zealand is a long way from Europe. When you come to play here how does it differ from playing back home?

FB: Yes it’s a long haul that’s for sure! I guess the main difference is there is not too much of a ‘Disco’ scene (for want of a better word!) at the moment in Auckland. So often I’m playing relatively low-key gigs and usually quite long sets (4-5 hours) which gives you a bit of time to stretch out. The Europe gigs are usually only a couple of hours and it’s peaktime which changes the approach a bit. But ultimately the idea is the same…Play some soulful music, make people dance and make sure I enjoy myself in the process!



DT: Now much has been said about your long term friendship with Recloose. How did you guys meet and what is the best thing you have done together musically speaking?

FB: We first met in late 2001. Matt (Recloose) was moving to New Zealand to be with his then partner. Myself and a friend (who I was promoting events with at the time) where the first people to book Matt in Auckland, and we became friends fast. I got him back to DJ in Auckland many more times, and also went to DJ with him occasionally in Wellington too.

Matt relocated to Auckland around 2008 and that was the beginning of us working together a lot more. The Hit It & Quit It (our radio show) began around 2008 and ran until 2013 (as a weekly show), and more recently has been resurrected in NYC where Matt is living now, on East Village Radio.

In terms of the best thing we did together? It’s a tough call but we threw a series of Hit It & Quit It parties around 2010/2011 and the one with Moodymann as a guest (his only ever NZ appearance) was quite legendary.


DT: You have a reputation as a proper DJ’s DJ. When you DJ what do you think is unique or distinctive about the way you approach it? And what one piece of advice would you give to young DJs starting out?

FB: Well, firstly thanks! I guess it’s quite hard to be objective and stand back and look at what it is you do, especially when every gig is going to be markedly different, depending on the environment and so on. Having said that, I guess my main objective whenever I play is to get across a range of influences that have a common thread which is Soul. For instance I take great pride in being able to play Disco to a more ‘House’ crowd, or vice versa. Most of all I want to walk away and feel like I gave it a good go, and wasn’t just going through the motions!

Advice for youngsters? Well, this is something I think about a lot (My day job is running the DJ & Electronic Music Production programme at the Music & Audio Institute of New Zealand!). I think the main thing is, whatever you are into, find your own voice, and find a unique way to put things together that is your very own.

With the advent of ‘sync’ technology within digital DJing being able to mix (seamlessly) is a piece of cake now, so knowledge (and deep crates!) is power. At the end of the day I’d rather hear a DJ who can’t mix a drink but has amazing music, rather than someone who doesn’t drop a beat but is playing some boring shit!




DT: When you first walk into a club and see the crowd, what is it that makes you feel that this one is going to be special?

FB: Tough question! I’m terrible at guessing things like this, but sometimes there is some kind of magic in the air and you just know it’s going to be something special. That and a wide variety of crowd – has to be a roughly even mixture of girls & guys (or more girls!) and wide range of ages to make things really pop. Sometimes you just get a feeling that things are going to be cool – I had that feeling at Auto Disco last year for example even when no one was at the venue.


DT: What places have you most enjoyed playing over the last few years?

FB: There’s a few that spring to mind. Auto Disco in Dundee at The Reading Rooms last year was unbelievable – amazing scenes! Queen & Disco in Derry (also last year had amazing vibes. I also had a great time playing at Splendour in the grass (a big Australian outdoor festival) earlier this year, which was interesting as I feel that my music is more suited to nightclubs, as opposed to festivals, but I had the closing slot on the RBMA stage and it just worked perfectly.

Auto Disco - Frank Booker Time B&W


DT: What is the most valued piece of DJ equipment you carry in your bag when on tour? Is it really your disco towel???

FB: Absolutely, it’s the disco towel. Equal part refreshment, brow mopping, and excitement enhancer – whip it into a frenzy!


Auto Disco - Frank Booker-The Disco Towel


DT: Your new label is called Down In The Basement. So what actually happens Down In The Basement???

FB: Well, there is a basement at my house, but it’s currently just storage (and LOTS of records!). It will (god willing!) be transformed into a DJ/studio cave in the near future – my newborn needs my current studio room very soon!


Frank Booker Record


DT: What single person or place influenced you most in terns of DJing and the music you play.

FB: Manuel Bundy (a legendary Auckland DJ). He’s very much the godfather of NZ DJing. He was the first DJ I witnessed playing across the board with an amazing attention to detail, and that constant thread to his music and what he was playing – whether it was Hip Hop, Soul, House, Funk etc. He’s one of those rare DJs who could take the same bag of records and make it sound better than the next person. There’s a great story about him doing warm up sets for visiting International DJs here, and the headliners being too scared to go on after him! A Don.


DT: What 5 tracks are always in your record bag at the moment Professor Booker?

FB: Ok here we go…

Black “Keep It Fit”[Outerzona13]

I believe that it’s Tiago that is behind this series of edits (although I could be misinformed?!), and I’m surprised that they’ve flown under the radar a bit from what I can see. This is exactly what I love in an edit – tight arrangement, maximum impact and a whole lotta soul. There is another 12″ on this label (Outerzona13) with an amazing edit of Skye “Ain’t No Need” which is a required purchase too. Hot, hot, hot!



Flying Machines (Native-Twice) “Basstrain” [Blend It!]

Another label I’ve been enjoying for a long while that doesn’t seem to get a huge amount of press: Blend It! out of Italy. They are part of the Sounds Familiar family (Volcov et al) and have quietly released some of my favourite records (DJ weapons!) in the last couple of years. ‘Basstrain’ is peaktime disco, serious bassline and a bit of an afro vibe with the horns. Always works!


Julien Dyne “Various Edits – DITB 02” [Down In The Basement]

I’m really happy with what Julien delivered for this 12″ for Down In The Basemen. And it’s his first edit record! It perfectly sums up his vibe – a unique cut’n’paste production approach that has hallmarks of people like the Idjuts, and also has a very crate digger aesthetic to it as well – and the sound is instantly recognisable as his own. I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do. A versatile 12″ for the eclectic DJ!


Dan Shake “Northern Merry” [Shake 02]

I first checked Dan’s music when he did his ‘3am Jazz Club’ release on Mahogani. He’s been a supporter of some of my edits, and we’ve kept in touch, sending each other music. This is a forthcoming release on his own Shake imprint, and it’s so hot it’s dangerous: A change of tempo from at the beginning from downtempo chop up soul to disco meets house. Clever use of samples, programming and some deft effects in the mix. A weapon!


Max B “Super Bwana” [Movieplay]

Ok, so it’s time to get serious: I don’t know too much about Mr Max B, but this record came out in 1978 on a Spanish label (Movieplay), and the back cover sees Max relaxing with a bevy of lovely ladies. This cut (which also came on a edited 7″ version, but I’m playing the LP cut) features Max chanting about his “super bwana” over the top of some joyous jazzy disco. Very uptempo & frenetic. A great 2am record: One for the dancers!


DT: so now down to the nitty gritty…gin & tonic or rum & ginger?

FB: G&T I love but it makes a bit moody! So, I’ll go for the rum and ginger. But really, whiskey is best of all!

Massive thanks to Frank Booker for the chat and don’t forget to catch him on his tour if you can. And also check out his wonderful DJ mixes on line and the essential releases on his new imprint Down In The Basement!











Radio Meuh Moon Rise Podcast

Radio Meuh Moon Rise Podcast

I recently got asked by the legendary French station Radio Meuh to do the first in their Moon Rise podcast series. I jumped at the chance!

If you haven’t heard of it before then the station is based in The Alps (a somewhat unusual location for a hyped radio station), and has a large and fanatical following within France and beyond.

They wrote a little piece about the mix which you can read here:

And here is the mix!


Some old stuff some new stuff and of course some secret squirrels too.


Enjoy the music!

A Whole Lotta Remix

A Whole Lotta Remix

We’ve been working on a load of remixes lately! Here are 3 new ones for you to check out.

First up, I did a DT rework of a Sould Out track called ‘Get The Funk’ which is due to come out on one of my current fav labels Hotbox Recordings straight out of Denver.

I was lucky enough to visit the metropolis that is Mexico City while on tour in May and played with Sould Out while in town. This led to me doing the remix. I was even more lucky to get Robin Lee from Faze Action to guest jam on the remix so that I could take the reflip off in a much more live disco direction, which I think really suited the track. See what you think!


You should see this hitting the download stores in the next month or so as part of a Sould Out EP on Hotbox.

Next up Pedro and I were very honoured indeed to be asked by Indie legends Belle & Sebastian to remix ‘The Party Line’ from their amazing new LP ‘Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance’. We were bowled over considering the massive reputation and following this group have around the world. Everywhere I have travelled from Brasil to Japan to Australia they are held in such high regard. And what’s more as soon as we heard ‘The Party Line’ with its Japan style bassline and disco touches we knew exactly what we could do to it.

So here’s how it came out of the studio and it should be seeing the light of day very soon!

I also got to see Belle & Sebastian play live as part of the deal and it certainly was a treat. Catch them on the road if you can!

Last but by no means least, Gerd Janson from the ace Running Back Records asked us to remix the Tensnake classic ‘Holding Back (Your Love)’.

Now Gerd and I had spoken years before about me doing a version of this track because it had such a powerful effect on me when I first heard and started playing it. And although I love the original…I always heard this other version of it in my head that had a more boogie/electrofunk feel to it as opposed to the more blissed out, downtempo and dare I say druggy feel of the original.

Anyway to cut a long story short, Gerd remembered me badgering him like hell back then for the parts and when he came to commissioning a new set of mixes to celebrate the anniversary of the release of the song on his label he got in touch. Thank you amigo! A man of his word if ever there was one. So Pedro and I got to work on it at last!

Now approaching a classic track that means a lot to you is something you either avoid like the plague, or do while treading very carefully and respectfully. We both felt we didn’t want to totally flip it and would rather stick to the bare bones of the original but just touch it up a bit in terms of the feel, tempo and arrangement. And fortunately we were both very pleased with the way it came out of the studio sessions and started playing it out straight away to great response. Bingo!

You can check it out below!

Our remix is available to buy now as a digital download in both the short and extended mix versions (yes we did two!). And is also part of a lovely vinyl double pack release along with remixes by Tiger & Woods, Prins Thomas, Lone, Shan & DJ Oyster.

Massive respect to Tensnake for making such an amazing piece of music in the first place!

Now it’s time for us to focus on making our own new music for the next release on Paradise Row…VAMOS!!!

Faze Action Remix

Faze Action Remix

You couldn’t meet a nicer and more talented couple of chaps than The Brothers Lee aka Faze Action.

Early Faze Action

Robin and Simon have firmly cemented their place in the history of the UK disco and house scenes over the last few decades. Since their early releases on the highly influential Nuphonic label, these two disco brothers have kept their standards consistently high and have flown the flag that led UK dance music from disco to house through to nu disco and then beyond into the territory of just bloody good music. Whether in the studio, playing as a live band or just DJing, these two fellows can do it all and they do it all very well too. I have nothing but respect for them both.

It now seems a very long time ago since I got passed and then swiftly bought their debut LP in a Glasgow record store after hearing the still rather amazing sounds of ‘In The Trees’ the night before. What a bloody track!

It was almost a decade later that our paths first crossed in the Sonica Radio studios one sunny day in Ibiza. Myself and Pedro had been doing a live DJ mix for John Beach’s Winging It show and in walked Simon and Robin who were guesting on the show after ours. Now Pete and the Faze Action chaps go back a long way. Right back in fact to college days when they threw and played at parties together in the mighty Bournemouth. So we chatted , joked and laughed a bit while one show segued into another. Then later on following our studio encounter we partied down at Sands in Playa D’En Bossa where we had a wee Disco Deviance Jam with Craig Smith and The Revenge from 6th Borough Project going on as the sun set on the beach. It was a fine day, Although I do seem to remember it ended up rather messy in a basement of hotel somewhere at around 7am…

Since that first encounter we have been connected and regularly in touch through the music. Their absolutely brilliant ‘I Wanna Dancer’ track was always a regular in my sets and ‘Stratus Energy’ also got a frequent outing. Both tracks perfectly evoked that Faze Action sound sitting comfortably between classic Disco and Italian/UK House music. Both are bangers in their own right.


More recently I was passed a track by my disco comrade Pedro from Faze Action’s latest album. The song was called ‘Magic Touch’ and from the first time I heard it I loved it and played it out regularly. However, right from the start while playing it I could also hear a dub of the song in my head. You know when that happens? The version I had in my mind would be something along the lines of those classic 80s style dub mixes that were always on the flipside and a bit like this World Premier Beats cut.

I hoped to do this new dub version from the stems, but despite frequent drunken blah blah blahs in each others ears over the next 6 months or so it never quite came together. Then very recently I found myself on an overnight flight to Colombia and decided to give it a go anyway ‘edit style’ straight from the master. It came together pretty quickly (as all good edits do) and by the time I got to Colombia I already knew I would be playing it the next night. After all it was a chop of an amazing original track. So I did and it rocked!

It was at that point after a spot of dance floor feedback that I thought I would share it with Pedro and also sent it to the Faze Action lads themselves. Everyone loved it and after a masterful remaster by Robin himself, they ended up asking if they could include it on the next vinyl release on their label. BINGO!

Anyway that’s how it all went and I am pleased and honoured to say that my version of Magic Touch is now available on vinyl in all good record stores. And I am so chuffed to call these two heroes my friends and to finally have remixed one of their tracks for their label. Big thanks to them for that!

You can check it out here:

And it is available on Juno, Piccadilly, Phonica and all good record stores.

Hope you enjoy the music x