A Celebration of Mareh Music

A Celebration of Mareh Music

A Celebration of Mareh Music

I just arrived with Pedro in Brazil for a week of Mareh Music celebrations here in Sao Paulo and in Rio.

Mareh is a festival that happens each year in late December and lasts over New Year in locations in Bahia and Piau in the North West of the country. It’s a week long event fro around 1500 people with major parties every couple of days broken up with small beach shack affairs in between. The locations are amazing. Imagine idyllic beaches or parties set back in the coconut trees, or on small islands off the coast of Bahia and you will be starting to get the drift. It’s the Brazilian equivalent of The Garden Festival or Electric Elephant, but it is something truly unique too.

Mareh is run by a fanatical group of passionate people led by The Man Called Guga. And believe me this lot are mad in their vision and know no limits to their imagination of what it takes to make a great party. The sound systems are the biggest (even though they have to ferry them from Sao Paulo by road and boat) and the very best they can find. They also change them sometimes for each party to experiment with different sounds and set ups. They also move them for each event. No two parties are in the same location. And attention is made to all the areas of the party especially the visual aspects and of course the bar. In short, they really know how to throw a party!

Pedro and I played for Mareh in 2013 at Barra Grande. It was an amazing experience, which erected us as friends and filled us full of ideas. We felt inspired by Mareh and honoured to call them amigos. Also out of that experience and my hooking up with Guga, the Mareh Music record label was launched. The first release on the label came out with tracks by Eric Duncan and ourselves and was received very well by top stores Piccadilly, Phonica and Juno where it was awarded record of the week, essential release and best seller status. Good reviews flooded in and DJs from around the world played. It was a great start. Viva Mareh!

So with more exciting plans for Mareh Music in the coming year, they decided it was time to launch the label properly with some of their famous events. So here we are now in Brazil with our amigos ready to do two rooftop parties. One in Rio at Mini-Moo and the other in Sao Paulo. Both parties were quick to sell out and we can’t wait to celebrate with our Mareh brothers and sisters.

Now I admit I don’t know much about Brazilian music…but to celebrate being here I took the time to go through a load of music sent to me by my Turkish brother in Istanbul Undomundo. Now if you don’t know..Istanbul is one of the greatest cities on this Earth. Their knowledge and passion for music knows no limits. Especially Brazilian music. Undomundo himself runs a great radio show which specialises in the more eclectic musical genres and sounds. Every show is a journey into a particular sound or musical feeling. I thank him for the music and the inspiration to make a Brazilian blend now that we are finally here to experience these great cities, their people and culture for ourselves.

And I hope you enjoy it too!

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