Irish Legends

Irish Legends

Irish Legends

Off this weekend to play a few gigs in Ireland. As you already know, Ireland is one of my favourite spots to play and that always make me want to wax lyrical about it. I get excited you see about the good times and fine people ahead of me.

So on this trip I head to Dublin first to join in the party poppers over at Together DISCO. I love this night! First thing that hit me when I first played there last time (funnily enough for their 1st Birthday celebration…this is becoming a habit!) was that the night had a unique feature in terms of today’s clubbing scene…and that feature was a true party host. Ryan who runs the night is what they call ‘a bit of a character’ I would say. But the whole scene around the night is built on the top people who make it all happen behind the scenes and on the dance floor, their charisma, their love of great music and their bloody minded commitment to having a really good time.

Capitano Disco

TD also have some fantastic residents, especially Billy Scurry who I have heard many people say ‘is the most underrated DJ in Ireland’. Well he certainly isn’t underrated in Dublin and at TD…where he is rightly held up as an absolute legend. If you haven’t checked him before then do so immediately.

So all of these elements put together make TD an amazing night to play at. And it struck me first time I played there that in these days of increasingly corporate clubbing and with the presence of promoters who go only for ‘big name DJs’ to drag the numbers in and put ‘bums on seats’ rather than actually build a proper night and a crowd…or a scene as I would call it…well, in that environment Ryan and the TD posse are a real breath of fresh air and a symbol for me of what parties should be all about. Respect to them for that. And that is why I would play for them any time!

TD Logo

Now one of the DJs I am playing with at TD is Padraic from Galway’s finest The Disconauts. A regular presence at TD both in the DJ booth, behind the scenes and on the dance floor, he also represents my second reason for being in Ireland this weekend. On Sunday we will be heading together (in whatever condition we may find ourselves) to Galway to take part in one of The Disconauts legendary boat parties.

Best Disconauts

Now I have been to play for these fine fellows before in Galway and had a whale of a time. P & Keith are fantastic hosts and again for me they represent something very special in terms of promoters and residents. The Disconauts have been throwing these boat parties for 15 years and have welcomed some mighty fine guests to play with them including Fish Go Deep, Craig Smith, Rahaan, The Unabombers, Charles Webster, Mark E and Bob Jones amongst others. Their crowd know them and they know their crowd inside out. It’s a family thing. You will never be treated like a commodity or a ‘booking’ by this lot. And although things obviously have to add up in the long run like with any business, you are guaranteed to experience genuine love for the music and they very warmest hospitality with the strong possibility of a severe headache the morning after. But again to me they represent only the very best of things when it comes to promoting and throwing parties. Again respect is due alongside a brief prayer that the afters does not go on too long in this episode…

Ok on that note I will sign off and prepare for the weekend ahead. If you are going to join us then see you soon. If you find yourself somewhere else this weekend…then please do look up these amazing nights and fantastic people when you do find yourself in their parts of the world. You will not regret it! They all rock hard.

Ciao x

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