Faze Action Remix

Faze Action Remix

Faze Action Remix

You couldn’t meet a nicer and more talented couple of chaps than The Brothers Lee aka Faze Action.

Early Faze Action

Robin and Simon have firmly cemented their place in the history of the UK disco and house scenes over the last few decades. Since their early releases on the highly influential Nuphonic label, these two disco brothers have kept their standards consistently high and have flown the flag that led UK dance music from disco to house through to nu disco and then beyond into the territory of just bloody good music. Whether in the studio, playing as a live band or just DJing, these two fellows can do it all and they do it all very well too. I have nothing but respect for them both.

It now seems a very long time ago since I got passed and then swiftly bought their debut LP in a Glasgow record store after hearing the still rather amazing sounds of ‘In The Trees’ the night before. What a bloody track!

It was almost a decade later that our paths first crossed in the Sonica Radio studios one sunny day in Ibiza. Myself and Pedro had been doing a live DJ mix for John Beach’s Winging It show and in walked Simon and Robin who were guesting on the show after ours. Now Pete and the Faze Action chaps go back a long way. Right back in fact to college days when they threw and played at parties together in the mighty Bournemouth. So we chatted , joked and laughed a bit while one show segued into another. Then later on following our studio encounter we partied down at Sands in Playa D’En Bossa where we had a wee Disco Deviance Jam with Craig Smith and The Revenge from 6th Borough Project going on as the sun set on the beach. It was a fine day, Although I do seem to remember it ended up rather messy in a basement of hotel somewhere at around 7am…

Since that first encounter we have been connected and regularly in touch through the music. Their absolutely brilliant ‘I Wanna Dancer’ track was always a regular in my sets and ‘Stratus Energy’ also got a frequent outing. Both tracks perfectly evoked that Faze Action sound sitting comfortably between classic Disco and Italian/UK House music. Both are bangers in their own right.


More recently I was passed a track by my disco comrade Pedro from Faze Action’s latest album. The song was called ‘Magic Touch’ and from the first time I heard it I loved it and played it out regularly. However, right from the start while playing it I could also hear a dub of the song in my head. You know when that happens? The version I had in my mind would be something along the lines of those classic 80s style dub mixes that were always on the flipside and a bit like this World Premier Beats cut.

I hoped to do this new dub version from the stems, but despite frequent drunken blah blah blahs in each others ears over the next 6 months or so it never quite came together. Then very recently I found myself on an overnight flight to Colombia and decided to give it a go anyway ‘edit style’ straight from the master. It came together pretty quickly (as all good edits do) and by the time I got to Colombia I already knew I would be playing it the next night. After all it was a chop of an amazing original track. So I did and it rocked!

It was at that point after a spot of dance floor feedback that I thought I would share it with Pedro and also sent it to the Faze Action lads themselves. Everyone loved it and after a masterful remaster by Robin himself, they ended up asking if they could include it on the next vinyl release on their label. BINGO!

Anyway that’s how it all went and I am pleased and honoured to say that my version of Magic Touch is now available on vinyl in all good record stores. And I am so chuffed to call these two heroes my friends and to finally have remixed one of their tracks for their label. Big thanks to them for that!

You can check it out here:

And it is available on Juno, Piccadilly, Phonica and all good record stores.

Hope you enjoy the music x

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