A Whole Lotta Remix

A Whole Lotta Remix

A Whole Lotta Remix

We’ve been working on a load of remixes lately! Here are 3 new ones for you to check out.

First up, I did a DT rework of a Sould Out track called ‘Get The Funk’ which is due to come out on one of my current fav labels Hotbox Recordings straight out of Denver.

I was lucky enough to visit the metropolis that is Mexico City while on tour in May and played with Sould Out while in town. This led to me doing the remix. I was even more lucky to get Robin Lee from Faze Action to guest jam on the remix so that I could take the reflip off in a much more live disco direction, which I think really suited the track. See what you think!


You should see this hitting the download stores in the next month or so as part of a Sould Out EP on Hotbox.

Next up Pedro and I were very honoured indeed to be asked by Indie legends Belle & Sebastian to remix ‘The Party Line’ from their amazing new LP ‘Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance’. We were bowled over considering the massive reputation and following this group have around the world. Everywhere I have travelled from Brasil to Japan to Australia they are held in such high regard. And what’s more as soon as we heard ‘The Party Line’ with its Japan style bassline and disco touches we knew exactly what we could do to it.

So here’s how it came out of the studio and it should be seeing the light of day very soon!

I also got to see Belle & Sebastian play live as part of the deal and it certainly was a treat. Catch them on the road if you can!

Last but by no means least, Gerd Janson from the ace Running Back Records asked us to remix the Tensnake classic ‘Holding Back (Your Love)’.

Now Gerd and I had spoken years before about me doing a version of this track because it had such a powerful effect on me when I first heard and started playing it. And although I love the original…I always heard this other version of it in my head that had a more boogie/electrofunk feel to it as opposed to the more blissed out, downtempo and dare I say druggy feel of the original.

Anyway to cut a long story short, Gerd remembered me badgering him like hell back then for the parts and when he came to commissioning a new set of mixes to celebrate the anniversary of the release of the song on his label he got in touch. Thank you amigo! A man of his word if ever there was one. So Pedro and I got to work on it at last!

Now approaching a classic track that means a lot to you is something you either avoid like the plague, or do while treading very carefully and respectfully. We both felt we didn’t want to totally flip it and would rather stick to the bare bones of the original but just touch it up a bit in terms of the feel, tempo and arrangement. And fortunately we were both very pleased with the way it came out of the studio sessions and started playing it out straight away to great response. Bingo!

You can check it out below!

Our remix is available to buy now as a digital download in both the short and extended mix versions (yes we did two!). And is also part of a lovely vinyl double pack release along with remixes by Tiger & Woods, Prins Thomas, Lone, Shan & DJ Oyster.

Massive respect to Tensnake for making such an amazing piece of music in the first place!

Now it’s time for us to focus on making our own new music for the next release on Paradise Row…VAMOS!!!

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