The Mareh Festival in Brasil continues to grow and grow in reputation every year. Starting out as just a small gathering of friends around a great sound system in a beautiful place, it has now become a cool boutique music festival with a growing international reputation in just over a decade.

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They have also now added an impressive record label, Mareh Music, to their list of party tricks. The imprint showcases international and local acts that play at the festival each year and at their monthly nights in Sao Paulo. I have been very honoured to have been involved in the label over the last couple of years and it’s going from strength to strength featuring artists such as Eric Duncan, The Revenge, Eddie C, Max Essa, Pete Herbert and myself.

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It is a wicked blend of location, music and people that makes Mareh so unique and very special. The last time Pedro and I played at the festival was 2 years ago at Barra Grande in the very North of Brasil where we played alongside Session Victim at the big New Year’s Eve event. And this year we are over the moon (or should that be sun?) to have been booked to return and play at the festival again, but this time in its spiritual home of Boipeba in Bahia.


A very quick google image search will reveal just how amazing Boipeba is as a location for a music festival. It’s a real paradise on the Bahian coast packed full of white sandy beaches and lush looking islands. Where can you find a better place for a week of music, dancing and good times???

Pedro & Dicky Mareh 5

The line up is pretty spot on too with some amazing DJ talents, good people and I am happy to say plenty of amigos on the line up including Eric Duncan, The Revenge, Greg Wilson, Tim Sweeney, Eddie C, Ray Mang, Selvagem & Gop Tun amongst others. So the soundtrack also looks right on the money.

Mareh 2016

It is not surprising either that on the back of the growing reputation of the festival, plus the wider profile gained by releasing a couple of amazing records on the label, that there is now much more international interest in the event. It has been compared in spirit to popular small boutique festivals in Europe such as Electric Elephant and The Garden both in terms of ethos and practice. And after all who wouldn’t mind spending a week in a Brasilian paradise dancing with fellow music lovers and revelers in between long sessions spent on the beach or in the hammock???


Mareh 2016 day to day

One new element of this year’s festival that we are particularly excited about is the inclusion of boat parties. Boat parties at Croatian festivals have become the stuff of legend over the last decade. Good DJs, great music, sunshine and a dedicated crowd. Well do you fancy it? YUP!!!

So we are very proud to be kicking things off with a Disco Deviance boat party at this year’s Mareh. The last DD boat we did was at Electric Elephant last year and what a day that was!!! We still get people mailing us and talking about it now. Here’s a wee clip of the action from that wonderful day:

Can’t wait to see what will happen at the Mareh edition of the DD boat and let the magic unfold.

If you are interested in attending Mareh then tickets can still be purchased direct from Resident Advisor if you are outside Brasil:

And you can check on the Mareh website and Facebook pages for more info on how to buy tickets for the boat parties.

If you are still thinking about it then I can only say that it’s one of the best organised festivals I have ever been to and it’s attention to the small yet important details like the sound, bar, decor etc is all of the very highest standards. Plus the people are great and 100% up for it. So just do it.


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