I was lucky enough to spend 10 days at the wonderful Mareh Festival in Bahia, Brasil over this New Year. It was an amazing time spent with old friends, new friends and in my opinion some of the best DJs around. I found the whole experience pretty inspiring and also managed to let loose a wee bit too…

Boipeba Mareh 2016


The festival is set in Boipeba in Bahia and the parties are thrown on boats, beaches and in the jungle by the Mareh poss who really know how to make a party tick. Check this out from the first party on the 28th:


Mareh 28th


In my opinion Mareh is one of the best festivals you will ever come across in terms of setting, attention to detail, crowd, music and vibes.

Vibes 2

There were many highlights for me and quite a few hangovers too…but here’s a couple I thought I would share.

Selvagem’s set at the first party on the 28th. It was an amazing party that night with over 2000 people ferried in trailers on the back of tractors to a dancefloor in the jungle on the fourthest away part of the island. And the amazing vibe that night was set by Sao Paulo’s dynamic duo..SELVAGEM. Watch out for these guys touring in Europe. They are excellent Djs with musical taste to match and they have been running Sao Paulo’s best respected party for a number of years now. I’m a huge fan.


Eric ‘Dr Dunks’ Duncan also turned in a variety of excellent sets. The man really is an impressive DJ. Almost as impressive in fact as his stamina for partying. His back to back set with Tim Sweeney on the Beats In Space boat party was a perfect start to the festivals watersports. And a recording of it was somehow made and you can check it here. I could hardly stand for those 5 or 6 hours due to the rough seas, the size of the measures in those gin and tonics and the incessant drumming by Eddie C.


Pedro and I were next up on the nautical adventures front and I have to say it didn’t disappoint. Without a doubt it was 5 or 6 of the best hours of my life. Playing in such an amazing setting with one of my best friends and the music flowed from start to finish as well as those gigantic gin & tonics. So many people told me it was one of the best days of their lives afterwards (what an honour)…and I would have to agree. Very special times indeed.

Mareh Disco Deviance Boat Best

Mareh Boat 5


My good mate The Revenge also turned in a really excellent shift on New Year’s Eve that really got the dance floor pumping. It also gave him a break from having to drink capirinhas with me…


The Revenge NYE SEt


Other top sets were dropped by the ever impressive Eddie C, Ray Mang, Middle Aged Marco (they were right he really is very good), Sao Paulo’s other top posse Gop Tun and a new one for me Carrot Green who played an ace beach set and is definitely another one to look out for.

Eddie C

Special mention has to go again to Dunks however who as last man standing gave a masterclass in DJing on the last night at the DJ Romantic dinner and led us all through one last trip around the dancefloor. A really memorable festival was brought to a close by an equally memorable DJ set which included a sing-a-long to this cheeky wee number…



Anyway massive thanks to all concerned at Mareh, especially Guga. Big love!

Mareh Music

And as a tribute to the good times that were had the as thanks for the inspiration they provide I did a DJ mix which you can check out here below.

Enjoy the music! And if you ever get the chance…THEN GO TO MAREH!!!

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