You won’t find many producers kicking around that are better than Sir Ray Mang. Believe me! He has been around now on the controls in the studio for decades and really knows his business. More recently he has become a very fine DJ as well and after decades of making music and collecting records that is perhaps no surprise. He is also a very fine chap.
Ray Mang by James Cumpsty
He has released on more legendary labels than should really be allowed…such as Noid, R&S, DFA, Eskimo, Nuphonic, Bear Funk and many others in a long and illustrious career. 
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His many talents as a musician and producer have driven a wealth of collaborations with people like The Idjut Boys, The Glimmers and Foolish Felix amongst others. More recently Ray has teamed up with Bill Brewster to form Mang Dynasty. In all his guises Ray Mang is one of the most prolific contributors to the UK disco/house canon. Here are a couple of favourites of mine that always get played from the Mang Canon!

As a remixer his phone never stops ringing. He’s notched up credits for Gorillaz, Lassigue Bendthaus, Banda Black Rio, Shirley Bassey, Grand National, Beck, Bryan Ferry, Doves, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Freddie Mercury, Bloc Party, Munk, Rob Garza, Friendly Fires, Classixx, S-Express, Daniel Grau & Los Amigos Invisibles with Dimitri From Paris to name just a few. 
Anyway I have been lucky enough to fall into his path many times over the last few years and we have as a result become good friends. So I am very pleased therefore to announce he will be playing at AUTODISCO this month with us. And in anticipation of this great event I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions. I hope you enjoy it!
Autodisco Ray Mang Oct 2016
DT: You seem to own a lot of records. What was the first record you made and how did it come about? Do you still have a copy of it?

MANG: The record I was involved in making in my own studio that came out first was ‘Idjut Boys and Laj – Not Reggae’ I think.  Named after an Instant Funk Sample and featuring the amazing guitar talents of my old friend Hugh Turner.  Can’t say I’ve seen a copy in the house for some years but I dare say there’s one lurking on a dusty shelf somewhere!
Mang-Studio-Pic by Pete Suite
DT: You are a very respected music producer who has been doing it a long time, and you get that quality sound in the studio. So what is your favourite piece of kit or studio technique that gives a Mang track or remix that extra bit of edge and stamp of quality?

MANG: Why thank you Señor Trisco!  I wouldn’t say I really have a specific favourite.  Plenty of extremely useful tools, but nothing that exciting.  The kettle is always important (and I’m not talking drum!).  On the technique front I like to use compression side-chaining, delay designer, Phase-locked flexing (especially on live drums), endless FX, lots of automation and tea!!

DT: How do you see the relationship between making tracks in the studio and playing them out as a DJ?

MANG: It obviously depends on what kind of music is being worked on but if it’s club orientated then it can be quite symbiotic in a good way. Djing (or just going to clubs) gives you an understanding of what can work on the dance floor, an opportunity to listen to lots of music in that environment, sometimes inspiration, and maybe the chance to test works in progress and get some feedback.  Collecting and listening to a lot of music is obviously important to both and goes hand in hand.  It can be a very happy marriage!
Mang@F12 by Sima Korenivski

DT: You seem to be very involved in all things Brasilian these days? Tell us about that and how it came to pass?

MANG: Yes I’ve been lucky enough to go a few times in the last year or two.  Something I’ve wanted to do for some time but for one reason and another it took a while.  Then I was invited to go and play in Brasilia and São Paulo with help from Benjamin, Gui, Du and Miguel.  On that trip I met a whole load of  lovely people who have gone on to be good friends.  One of those was Guga of Mareh fame who then invited me to play his breathtaking NY festival (which I’d heard about from Antonio a few years before after a gig in Madrid) in Bahia followed by a new festival called Marisco in SP earlier this year.  I played in Rio for the first time on the last trip which was also a fantastic experience courtesy of my buddies Esdras, Rodrigo and Eric D!  And it looks like we’ll be back in Bahia for NY again this year eh Dicky!?  Happy days!!!
Ray Mang Acid Boat

DT: What is your favourite thing about DJing?

MANG: It’s of course a lot of fun and such a privilege to be invited to play music for people.  Compared to being locked away in the studio it’s great to have that instant connection.
I really love meeting interesting people and making new friends all over the world.  Travelling and all that goes with it is a wonderful thing.
DT: If you had to give one piece of advice to someone setting out to become a DJ these days then what would it be?

MANG: Same advice I’d give to someone wanting to do anything… If you love it, work hard at it, immerse yourself in it and don’t give up you’ll get a lot back.  Oh and hang on to your flip flops!

DT: What would you say was your best experience so far while DJing? And please keep it clean.

MANG: Ahh that’s a bit like a ‘what’s your favourite record?’ type question.  Impossible to answer.  So many great parties, clubs and festivals.  I love the sun, sea and sand so going to places like Boipeba, Rio, Ibiza, Croatia, Bali, and Australia have certainly been highlights.  Japan is a firm favourite.  Berlin is always great!  The Low Life parties and festival.  Campo Sancho.  Even North Wales can be magical too as you know amigo 😉  Next stop Dundee!  Can’t wait!!! 🙂

DT: Do you think it is possible to go to Mareh this year and return home in your own flip flops?

MANG: Not if you’re there hermano!

Mareh 2017

DT: Name a few producers and DJs you would say are really worth checking out in the current scene?

MANG: Brasilian friends like Selvagem, Carrot Green, Gop Tun, Benjamin F and Balako.  LA buddies like Dirty Dave, Lovefingers & Heidi (Congrats!), Damon, and the Rhonda crew.  Discodromo.  Tomomi and the Moov crew.  Rheinzand.  Alien Alien.  Khidja. To name but a few!  There are so many old and new!!   

10. Finally can you name 5 tracks at the moment that never leave your box?

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