It’s been a while….I’ve been busy.

Anyway I was delighted to be asked to play at The Unabombers produced End Of Year Riot this year. Luke and Justin are legends in Manchester and beyond for their many years running the mighty Electric Chair events in the city.

End of Year Riot 2016

Nights like The Chair don’t come around so often. As well as their contribution to developing a great taste in music, they also act as social institutions where people live their lives and grow through them together. They supply the good times. And Electric Chair was a place of dreams for many of its devotees, somewhere they could belong. You can’t buy that shit and as such club nights like Electric Chair are of much more cultural value than many would give them. They are a source of strong community bonds in a society that these days is perhaps rather lacking in such things. And that legacy continues into the present with the annual End of Year Riot gatherings and Luke and Justin’s other ventures into hospitality of a more traditional kind.

The Unabombers

They also personally had a big influence on me although they probably don’t know it. Years and years ago I was staggering around a festival, which will remain nameless, and to be honest I was bored stiff by what was on offer…especially in the dance tents. It was just all heavy and dull as ditchwater. Then I stumbled across something called The Rizla Tent and inside there was an amazing atmosphere and wonderful, eclectic party music with a heavy dose of discotheque. I asked who was playing and was informed it was The Unabombers. Daft name I thought, but great music. In my head I decided I wanted to go to nights like that and if I couldn’t find them I was going to make one. Autodisco my own regular club night in Dundee, which I have been running with Dave Autodisco for the last 10 years, owes a lot of inspiration to The Unabombers. Anyway I am rambling…get to the point.

Northern warehouse

So the night was great! The venue was a suitably shabby, late night warehouse style affair. The atmosphere was raw and old school with the kind of vibe only people who really know each other can produce. I played in a room with Chris Duckenfield (my fav DJ and a good friend) and the ace Maurice Fulton. It was excellent.

End of Year Riot crowd

If you didn’t make it…then I did this DJ mix to promote my appearance. Hope you like the vibes.

And big love to The Riot. Long may it prosper x




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