It’s no secret that I am a BIG fan of Love Drop. There are not many tracks that have featured more in my sets over the last few years than The Buzz his rework from Disco Deviance.



It’s one of those tracks that you work towards because you know the effect it is going to have on the dance floor. It produces moments that stick with you wherever you go. It genuinely can ignite both joy and ecstasy on the floor. It’s a bloody bomb basically!

So excited to say that we have made a track together for new label Dead Horse. The track is a kind of homage to the raw and filtering House sounds, which inspired us both in many ways. Simple and direct House Music to an extent, but built with a firm eye on the dance floor and with a desire to make it go off in and around that breakdown. Here it is!



Anyway it was great to work with someone I feel a direct link and strong affinity with despite the fact we have never met in the flesh! There you go…music doing that crazy thing it does again.

It’s out now on vinyl with amazing artwork and a lovely sleeve.


DEAD HORSE 01 - 3000x3000

It really is a rather splendid looking record and features top tracks by other producers I consider to be some of the best around.

The Revenge needs no introduction and is simply class.



Felipe Gordon is a part of the new school and a highly creative and thoughtful producer of interesting House Music from Colombia.

Felipe Gordon


And finally Scottish legend Fresh & Low who has been there since the start with his releases on seminal House music imprint Guidance and who on this release pays his respects to the early US House sound.



Check it out!

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