A few years back Gouranga asked me to do a DJ mix mapping my personal journey into Brasilian music, which I called my ‘Brasilian Beats Mix’.
I massively enjoyed the opportunity to tell the story of the tracks and artists I had been introduced to on my visits to Brasil. And each track was also a memory of the wonderful people I had encountered, worked and partied with there, who had opened my ears to this new musical world in the first place.

I also hoped that my mix would encourage other people who, like me, were new to the music of Brasil to depart on their own journeys of discovery and, well, it seemed to work! First of all, I was blown away by the strong and positive response to the mix, but also since then I have come across many people on my travels in Asia, Australia, Europe and beyond (and even a few Brasilians) who savoured the mix, enjoyed the music and then looked for more. Bingo! It was a case of job done for me personally, especially as music for me has always been about people sharing their passions together.

I am also glad to say that my journey into Brasil, its wonderful music, culture and people has continued to grow. I just can’t get enough of it! I played again at Mareh festival NYE 2019 up in the glorious setting of Atins, which was a stunning event and then went more recently on a tour of the country in July playing in Sao Paulo several times, Brasilia and Rio.

So I am pleased to announce that together with Gouranga (who are always inspiring people to dig deep and do good stuff) we decided that part two of this Brasilian journey was perhaps a good idea. So here it is under the cunningly named title ‘More Brasilian Beats Mix’.

I hope you enjoy the new selections and flavours, and I would again like to thank and stress the importance of my new and old Brasilian guides Tahira, Rafael Cancian, JKriv, Outra, Mendel, Millos Kaiser, Trepanado, Jacques Renault, The Patchouli Brothers, Frank Booker, Daniel T, COEO, Kiko Costato and all the others I have encountered on the road and in the record stores.


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