So on the first weekend that the lockdown and social distancing measures were announced here in Scotland, I went downstairs to my basement studio as I often do for a wee music session. That night however I was charged with a weird energy and my thoughts were packed with what was going on around the world.

My emotions were also running high still from an amazing first few months of 2020 starting with Mareh festival in Brasil in Sergipe, which as always was inspiring.

Then I visited Rio and Sao Paulo for more high tempo and full power emotionally charged gigs with the wonderful Delicia, Tropicals and Caracol crews.

Then on coming back to Scotland I played my first night at the new venue in my city, Kings which used to be a famous old theatre. It was a brilliant night with a young audience and amazing set up and I got to do my thing. It was very special.

Then it was straight back to Rio for my first ever Carnaval and one of the best boat parties I have ever experienced.

And finally to top it all off there was a weekender in the USA in NYC, Miami and finishing up at the excellent Okeechobee festival playing back to back with my disco brother JKriv and the Gouranga clan. Phew!

Then next thing I knew…I was in my basement studio. Everything was about the virus and what was to come. Everything was also cancelled for the foreseeable future. My income had gone from healthy to zilch. And there was whisky to be drunk and a mix to be made it seemed.

So that is the context for this mix. I poured my heart and soul into it that night. It felt right. It felt good. It featured moments still fresh in my mind from all those dance floors, people and parties that kicked off 2020. I hope those people can feel and remember the moments the same way I can. I put them in for you and for us to share and remember being together as one.

As such I wanted it to be a global mix. That is, one that featured music from all around the world as far as I could manage it and that I hope would be of interest to many. There is music from Asia, South America, USA, Canada, Africa, Europe, Australia, China, India, New Zealand, Turkey, Israel and that is as much as I counted. Many of it is from friends. People I am fortunate enough to meet on my travels, spend time with and call friends in this wonderful world of ours – a truly transnational community of amigos building friendships, sharing collective memories and creating real value together. We have been so lucky!

From the start I only wanted it to be a mix that did something to help others. I know so many musicians, DJs and other people who are going to be in such deep trouble because their livelihoods just stopped. And because so many of us didn’t realize how much we music people have become dependent on live gigs and performing in a digitally driven music world.

And this is before we even start to think about people who are way worse off than us music people…. Vulnerable people, refugees, homeless people in every city. They are truly fucked. And they need our help urgently.

I also knew from the start who I did this mix for. I did it for Gouranga because they have supported what I do and my vibe for some time now. It’s nice to have someone who gets it and supports you. They are good people and I knew they would share my values and direction with the mix.

So here it is. And here we are now. Stuck in this crazy situation and in this fast changing world.

I hope you enjoy the vibes and my music. I hope you are safe and being kind to others. And most of all if you dig it I hope you will give something if you can afford it to help others in worse situations. People really do need your help. And we must be bigger than this, or the bastards will win.

Here below there are links to our chosen list of charities. Or just choose some charity you prefer.  But please be kind to them.

Also please check out my new Bandcamp page and those of others artists you like as these are now one of the only ways where we can get some income until the live situation changes. So if you need some music in your lives to get through these long days…then buy it direct from the artist!!! I have a lot of previously digitally unreleased material up there for you right now! Thank you for contributing in any way.

And if you dance at home to the mix or use it for some kind of virtual party please let us know somehow by posting and tagging us on social media so we can spread the word. Thanks!

Love you all.

Dicky x

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