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A Whole Lotta Remix

A Whole Lotta Remix

We’ve been working on a load of remixes lately! Here are 3 new ones for you to check out.

First up, I did a DT rework of a Sould Out track called ‘Get The Funk’ which is due to come out on one of my current fav labels Hotbox Recordings straight out of Denver.

I was lucky enough to visit the metropolis that is Mexico City while on tour in May and played with Sould Out while in town. This led to me doing the remix. I was even more lucky to get Robin Lee from Faze Action to guest jam on the remix so that I could take the reflip off in a much more live disco direction, which I think really suited the track. See what you think!


You should see this hitting the download stores in the next month or so as part of a Sould Out EP on Hotbox.

Next up Pedro and I were very honoured indeed to be asked by Indie legends Belle & Sebastian to remix ‘The Party Line’ from their amazing new LP ‘Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance’. We were bowled over considering the massive reputation and following this group have around the world. Everywhere I have travelled from Brasil to Japan to Australia they are held in such high regard. And what’s more as soon as we heard ‘The Party Line’ with its Japan style bassline and disco touches we knew exactly what we could do to it.

So here’s how it came out of the studio and it should be seeing the light of day very soon!

I also got to see Belle & Sebastian play live as part of the deal and it certainly was a treat. Catch them on the road if you can!

Last but by no means least, Gerd Janson from the ace Running Back Records asked us to remix the Tensnake classic ‘Holding Back (Your Love)’.

Now Gerd and I had spoken years before about me doing a version of this track because it had such a powerful effect on me when I first heard and started playing it. And although I love the original…I always heard this other version of it in my head that had a more boogie/electrofunk feel to it as opposed to the more blissed out, downtempo and dare I say druggy feel of the original.

Anyway to cut a long story short, Gerd remembered me badgering him like hell back then for the parts and when he came to commissioning a new set of mixes to celebrate the anniversary of the release of the song on his label he got in touch. Thank you amigo! A man of his word if ever there was one. So Pedro and I got to work on it at last!

Now approaching a classic track that means a lot to you is something you either avoid like the plague, or do while treading very carefully and respectfully. We both felt we didn’t want to totally flip it and would rather stick to the bare bones of the original but just touch it up a bit in terms of the feel, tempo and arrangement. And fortunately we were both very pleased with the way it came out of the studio sessions and started playing it out straight away to great response. Bingo!

You can check it out below!

Our remix is available to buy now as a digital download in both the short and extended mix versions (yes we did two!). And is also part of a lovely vinyl double pack release along with remixes by Tiger & Woods, Prins Thomas, Lone, Shan & DJ Oyster.

Massive respect to Tensnake for making such an amazing piece of music in the first place!

Now it’s time for us to focus on making our own new music for the next release on Paradise Row…VAMOS!!!

Faze Action Remix

Faze Action Remix

You couldn’t meet a nicer and more talented couple of chaps than The Brothers Lee aka Faze Action.

Early Faze Action

Robin and Simon have firmly cemented their place in the history of the UK disco and house scenes over the last few decades. Since their early releases on the highly influential Nuphonic label, these two disco brothers have kept their standards consistently high and have flown the flag that led UK dance music from disco to house through to nu disco and then beyond into the territory of just bloody good music. Whether in the studio, playing as a live band or just DJing, these two fellows can do it all and they do it all very well too. I have nothing but respect for them both.

It now seems a very long time ago since I got passed and then swiftly bought their debut LP in a Glasgow record store after hearing the still rather amazing sounds of ‘In The Trees’ the night before. What a bloody track!

It was almost a decade later that our paths first crossed in the Sonica Radio studios one sunny day in Ibiza. Myself and Pedro had been doing a live DJ mix for John Beach’s Winging It show and in walked Simon and Robin who were guesting on the show after ours. Now Pete and the Faze Action chaps go back a long way. Right back in fact to college days when they threw and played at parties together in the mighty Bournemouth. So we chatted , joked and laughed a bit while one show segued into another. Then later on following our studio encounter we partied down at Sands in Playa D’En Bossa where we had a wee Disco Deviance Jam with Craig Smith and The Revenge from 6th Borough Project going on as the sun set on the beach. It was a fine day, Although I do seem to remember it ended up rather messy in a basement of hotel somewhere at around 7am…

Since that first encounter we have been connected and regularly in touch through the music. Their absolutely brilliant ‘I Wanna Dancer’ track was always a regular in my sets and ‘Stratus Energy’ also got a frequent outing. Both tracks perfectly evoked that Faze Action sound sitting comfortably between classic Disco and Italian/UK House music. Both are bangers in their own right.


More recently I was passed a track by my disco comrade Pedro from Faze Action’s latest album. The song was called ‘Magic Touch’ and from the first time I heard it I loved it and played it out regularly. However, right from the start while playing it I could also hear a dub of the song in my head. You know when that happens? The version I had in my mind would be something along the lines of those classic 80s style dub mixes that were always on the flipside and a bit like this World Premier Beats cut.

I hoped to do this new dub version from the stems, but despite frequent drunken blah blah blahs in each others ears over the next 6 months or so it never quite came together. Then very recently I found myself on an overnight flight to Colombia and decided to give it a go anyway ‘edit style’ straight from the master. It came together pretty quickly (as all good edits do) and by the time I got to Colombia I already knew I would be playing it the next night. After all it was a chop of an amazing original track. So I did and it rocked!

It was at that point after a spot of dance floor feedback that I thought I would share it with Pedro and also sent it to the Faze Action lads themselves. Everyone loved it and after a masterful remaster by Robin himself, they ended up asking if they could include it on the next vinyl release on their label. BINGO!

Anyway that’s how it all went and I am pleased and honoured to say that my version of Magic Touch is now available on vinyl in all good record stores. And I am so chuffed to call these two heroes my friends and to finally have remixed one of their tracks for their label. Big thanks to them for that!

You can check it out here:

And it is available on Juno, Piccadilly, Phonica and all good record stores.

Hope you enjoy the music x

Irish Legends

Irish Legends

Off this weekend to play a few gigs in Ireland. As you already know, Ireland is one of my favourite spots to play and that always make me want to wax lyrical about it. I get excited you see about the good times and fine people ahead of me.

So on this trip I head to Dublin first to join in the party poppers over at Together DISCO. I love this night! First thing that hit me when I first played there last time (funnily enough for their 1st Birthday celebration…this is becoming a habit!) was that the night had a unique feature in terms of today’s clubbing scene…and that feature was a true party host. Ryan who runs the night is what they call ‘a bit of a character’ I would say. But the whole scene around the night is built on the top people who make it all happen behind the scenes and on the dance floor, their charisma, their love of great music and their bloody minded commitment to having a really good time.

Capitano Disco

TD also have some fantastic residents, especially Billy Scurry who I have heard many people say ‘is the most underrated DJ in Ireland’. Well he certainly isn’t underrated in Dublin and at TD…where he is rightly held up as an absolute legend. If you haven’t checked him before then do so immediately.

So all of these elements put together make TD an amazing night to play at. And it struck me first time I played there that in these days of increasingly corporate clubbing and with the presence of promoters who go only for ‘big name DJs’ to drag the numbers in and put ‘bums on seats’ rather than actually build a proper night and a crowd…or a scene as I would call it…well, in that environment Ryan and the TD posse are a real breath of fresh air and a symbol for me of what parties should be all about. Respect to them for that. And that is why I would play for them any time!

TD Logo

Now one of the DJs I am playing with at TD is Padraic from Galway’s finest The Disconauts. A regular presence at TD both in the DJ booth, behind the scenes and on the dance floor, he also represents my second reason for being in Ireland this weekend. On Sunday we will be heading together (in whatever condition we may find ourselves) to Galway to take part in one of The Disconauts legendary boat parties.

Best Disconauts

Now I have been to play for these fine fellows before in Galway and had a whale of a time. P & Keith are fantastic hosts and again for me they represent something very special in terms of promoters and residents. The Disconauts have been throwing these boat parties for 15 years and have welcomed some mighty fine guests to play with them including Fish Go Deep, Craig Smith, Rahaan, The Unabombers, Charles Webster, Mark E and Bob Jones amongst others. Their crowd know them and they know their crowd inside out. It’s a family thing. You will never be treated like a commodity or a ‘booking’ by this lot. And although things obviously have to add up in the long run like with any business, you are guaranteed to experience genuine love for the music and they very warmest hospitality with the strong possibility of a severe headache the morning after. But again to me they represent only the very best of things when it comes to promoting and throwing parties. Again respect is due alongside a brief prayer that the afters does not go on too long in this episode…

Ok on that note I will sign off and prepare for the weekend ahead. If you are going to join us then see you soon. If you find yourself somewhere else this weekend…then please do look up these amazing nights and fantastic people when you do find yourself in their parts of the world. You will not regret it! They all rock hard.

Ciao x

Boat Parties!

Boat Parties!

So summer is almost upon us and we all know one of the best things about summer….A GOOD BOAT PARTY!!!

That’s right time to look out those Captain’s hats and sailor/pirate outfits and get right on it!!!

There’s something about stepping onto a boat and leaving dry land that always gets a party swinging from my experience. And the good news is that we have two mega boat parties coming up very soon.

First up is the Sancho Panza Boat Party on Sat 2nd May. These Carnival legends need no introductions and we have heard their boat parties are just as much if not more on the legendary side. Very excited about having been asked along with Pedro to join Matt Brown and Jimmy K-Tel behind the decks. So please join us for good times and a night you will not forget. More info and ticket links here:

Then in July we are very proud to announce that WE ARE ELEPHANT!!! That’s right off to play at the brilliant Electric Elephant with a number of sets over the weekend in Barbarellas, the main stage and the beach bar.

But most exciting of all..yes we will be taking to the sea on the Thursday 9th of July at 1pm and we will be taking absolutely no prisoners!!! Pedro and I will be your hosts along with our disco comrade at arms Ray Mang. So get to the festival early and get on board ship mates…this one is going to go right off!!! What a way to get your Elephant into gear.Still a few tickets left here…so be quick and don’t miss the boat±

So hope to see you on the disco decks at one or both of these boat parties very soon.


Asian Tour April 2015

Asian Tour April 2015

I’m on the road again this week and back in Asia, which is one of my favourite spots to play. I am well excited about visiting some old friends and also making new ones as I am venturing to a few cities I have never been to before.

First stop on the trail is in Bangkok where I am back spinning at the terrific Disco Robot party. Had a wicked time there last year down at The Black Pagoda (yes I did make the plane!) and can’t wait to play some music again with those great characters Messrs JayDubb and Harrington. Also looking forward to more of that amazing Thai veggie food and the street culture that is second to none.

From there it’s a hop, skip and jump to drop some tunes at The Observatory in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. I have heard nothing but great stories about this venue and the country from other DJs and fiends who have visited there. So looking forward to making my debut there and then taking a look around the place for a few days after that.

Then it ‘s Hong Kong time where I will be DJing at FLY. Again it is my first time in the city and it will be great to drink up the atmosphere of such a big and famous place, and get the chance to play my music.

For the last stop on the tour I’m heading back to Seoul and playing for my good friend DJ Conan in his new venue there. Loved the people and the growing scene in the city on my last visit and am very pleased to be back in town again on this trip.

So wherever you are I hope you can make one of these shows and that I will see you on the dance floor.


China Sign 2

Welcome To Paradise Row

Welcome To Paradise Row

The first time Pete Herbert and I met was about 8 years ago. He came to play at our club night Autodisco and if my memory serves me right…we slept head to toe on my mate Andy’s L shaped sofa that night. This is how it started. 

Since that night we have played more than a few gigs together back to back, travelled around the world in convoy, laughed a lot, shared more than a few drunken breakfasts and made a decent number of reworks, remixes and tracks together on the hoof. So far so good, or as Pedro would say ‘Bingo!’.

This month we launched our latest and probably for us our most exciting project to date as we released the first record on our new label, Paradise Row. The imprint has it’s origins in a pousada in Barra Grande in Brazil last New Year. We were playing there at the wonderful Mareh Festival at the time. Then while chilling out one day after the first party we made a track in Pedro’s room. That track ‘Disco De Chocolate’ took at least 10 beers to get going and a great day of hanging around in what we called the Billy Connolly suite with the odd interruption for a dip in the pool.

It was such a privilege to play at Mareh as the people, the place and the set up were so spot on…we felt like very lucky boys indeed. And funnily enough despite the constant distractions…swimming pool, hammocks, party people, caparinha on tap, cheap fags etc, we managed to knock together a pretty hot track in ‘Disco De Chocolate’. And that track was destined to be released on the brand new Mareh label that grew out of our experience at the festival and hook up with the organisers. I offered to help them run the imprint (as that is what I have done now for as long as I can remember) and it came out alongside a belter of a track by NYC legend Eric ‘Dunks’  Duncan who had also played at the festival that year. So Mareh Music was launched. Viva Mareh!

For us however it was more than just a great festival, a nice hook up and of course good times. ‘Disco De Chocolate’ we both felt was a new direction production wise for us and a new sound. A sound that came from our edit work, our approach to making music and our way of working together. But importantly it was not a DJ edit or a remix. It was a fusion of everything we had done before. And it helped that the track became one of the biggest tracks in our sets over the following year. It always drove the dance floor wild wherever we went and in front of very different crowds. So we must have got something right! It became a go to track. Again we were well chuffed.  And it got us thinking too…

So Pedro and I decided after the amazing experience that was Mareh and the buzz surrounding making ‘Disco De Chocolate’ (plus several gin & tonics) that we would like to start a new imprint just for our own productions and our ‘new style’ if we can call it that. We had the sound we were looking for…still with some borrowed basis as we are DJs first and foremost, but also with a lot of production banged on top too. There was also a vibe. We wanted it to be fresh and different, but also not so serious as we both believe dance producers and DJs are already way to serious about themselves and what they do, which to be honest is quite surprising. In fact,  there is nothing more boring than a DJ or dance music. It can be way too cool for those who still like to have a good time, and just plain stupid in the hands of more commercial interests. But most of all we wanted our new label to reflect the life we live and love as DJs. Blending the sounds and vibes of various places together and all about people getting people together and having fun. After all is that not what music is all about?

So you can check out the sounds from Paradise Row on Soundcloud on our pages now. We are working hard at it..well quite hard…to make it all we can. 

We hope you will enjoy the ride as much as we do x

Weekend in Ireland

Weekend in Ireland

I’m off to Ireland this weekend for some gigs. I always look forward to visiting The Emerald Isle at any time. I find the people there a great laugh. They always want to party, you are never short of a few surprises and when it comes to music they know the score too. What more could a DJ ask for?

I play regularly in Derry, Belfast, Dublin, Galway and Waterford. And I have the highest regard for the people I am involved with in these places that put on the nights. From the Queen & Disco posse in Derry who just keep getting better and better who have now added their own label to their already brilliant night at the ace Sandinos, to the stylish Hudson Bar and sassy Boombox in Belfast, then down to the inspirational and charismatic Together Disco in Dublin, as well as the bonkers Waterford Terrace home of disco maestros Get Down edits and the long standing and hard running Disconauts in Galway. One an’ all…these are all great parties, with fantastic resident DJs, top music and seriously up-for-it crowds.

I love the fucking place and hope to be going there to play for many years to come.

See you soon you on the dance floor you mad feckers!

You can catch me this weekend at….

Friday 13th – The Hudson Bar Yard, Belfast
Sat 14th – with Pete Herbert, Hidden Agenda (Garden), Dublin

A Celebration of Mareh Music

A Celebration of Mareh Music

I just arrived with Pedro in Brazil for a week of Mareh Music celebrations here in Sao Paulo and in Rio.

Mareh is a festival that happens each year in late December and lasts over New Year in locations in Bahia and Piau in the North West of the country. It’s a week long event fro around 1500 people with major parties every couple of days broken up with small beach shack affairs in between. The locations are amazing. Imagine idyllic beaches or parties set back in the coconut trees, or on small islands off the coast of Bahia and you will be starting to get the drift. It’s the Brazilian equivalent of The Garden Festival or Electric Elephant, but it is something truly unique too.

Mareh is run by a fanatical group of passionate people led by The Man Called Guga. And believe me this lot are mad in their vision and know no limits to their imagination of what it takes to make a great party. The sound systems are the biggest (even though they have to ferry them from Sao Paulo by road and boat) and the very best they can find. They also change them sometimes for each party to experiment with different sounds and set ups. They also move them for each event. No two parties are in the same location. And attention is made to all the areas of the party especially the visual aspects and of course the bar. In short, they really know how to throw a party!

Pedro and I played for Mareh in 2013 at Barra Grande. It was an amazing experience, which erected us as friends and filled us full of ideas. We felt inspired by Mareh and honoured to call them amigos. Also out of that experience and my hooking up with Guga, the Mareh Music record label was launched. The first release on the label came out with tracks by Eric Duncan and ourselves and was received very well by top stores Piccadilly, Phonica and Juno where it was awarded record of the week, essential release and best seller status. Good reviews flooded in and DJs from around the world played. It was a great start. Viva Mareh!

So with more exciting plans for Mareh Music in the coming year, they decided it was time to launch the label properly with some of their famous events. So here we are now in Brazil with our amigos ready to do two rooftop parties. One in Rio at Mini-Moo and the other in Sao Paulo. Both parties were quick to sell out and we can’t wait to celebrate with our Mareh brothers and sisters.

Now I admit I don’t know much about Brazilian music…but to celebrate being here I took the time to go through a load of music sent to me by my Turkish brother in Istanbul Undomundo. Now if you don’t know..Istanbul is one of the greatest cities on this Earth. Their knowledge and passion for music knows no limits. Especially Brazilian music. Undomundo himself runs a great radio show which specialises in the more eclectic musical genres and sounds. Every show is a journey into a particular sound or musical feeling. I thank him for the music and the inspiration to make a Brazilian blend now that we are finally here to experience these great cities, their people and culture for ourselves.

And I hope you enjoy it too!

Autodisco is 8!

Autodisco is 8!

8 years ago this weekend myself and a guy with a pop star name, David Bowie, started a night in Dundee called Autodisco. I had started to do nights in the town the year before down The Reading Rooms – mainly Disco Deviance events featuring myself and Greg Wilson. However when I re-met Dave (who I had known briefly back in the 1980s) we came up with the idea of joining our powers and forces and creating a hybrid night. That night was AUTODISCO. Musically the plan was to blend Disco and Funk (which I was mostly playing) with House and Italo (which Dave was on at the time) along with the Electrofunk sound we both loved in a kind of anything goes fashion. An Automatic Disco….get it? And also to not play too fast…which at the time was a bit of a thing.

On the first night Dave and I both DJed, and myself and Calum Walker did a Boogie Corporation live set using a laptop and old vintage synths. The highlight for me of the live set was a reworking of The Model, which we had prepared especially. The night was packed and Autodisco had gone off like a disco rocket.

From there the night built into an annual round of get-togethers where great DJs we admired and who became friends – Pete Herbert, Chris Duckenfield, The Revenge, Craig Smith, Greg Wilson, Eddie C and Frank Booker amongst others- came to play and party with us.

The Reading Rooms as the venue has also been key to the night’s success. A brilliant DIY space packed with knowledge and experience as well as cool, it has supplied the perfect location for Autodisco to thrive. First time I went there I went as an outsider to the city and was more used to Glasgow’s clubs where one sound mainly House or Techno had come to dominate. And at the time I had lost interest in that. So when I arrived at The Rooms and the place was buzzing and Norman Jay was playing eclectic music to a jumping dance floor…well basically I fell in love.

Anyway that is one version of the history…I am amazed we made it this far tbh and are still alive to tell the tale. But it has been a great journey so far…and it has filled our lives with so many amazing memories and so much great music, which makes it all worthwhile. I remember legend Jazzie B playing ‘It’s Not Unusual’ by Tom Jones and the place going crazy, Ashley Beedle playing ‘Young Americans’ and the whole room singing along, the infamous Horse Meat Disco birthday party when a rather poorly Severino after a a big night with Derrick Carter made an amazing recovery and then rocked the house. Then of course there was the lighting snow storm and sliding backwards down a hill in a taxi with Greg Wilson on the way to an after party. And of course the festival appearances…those who were at Rockness that year at Rizla will never forget that weekend although I doubt they remember much of it either! Lastly there are the residents nights which have always been that wee bit special for us…with the whole room singing the chorus to Rock The Casbah on top of the dub version, and the tingles when that Frankie Knuckles intro drops.

And we are happy to say that the good vibes continue…the last two Autodiscos with Eddie C and Frank Booker from New Zealand absolutely rocked!!! And both DJs were appearing for the first time at the night. Great stuff.

For this birthday party we have invited back one of our favourite ever guests….DJ Rahaan from Chicago. Rahaan’s blend of proper disco and house always rocks the floor and he belongs to a long tradition of US disco DJs like Ron Hardy and Larry Levan who have inspired nights like Autodisco around the world. WE LOVE RAHAAN and are honoured to bring him to play at this wee night we love so much.

Anyway enough of this…time to stop being so sloppy about the history and focus on what is to come. This Saturday night we will be doing it all again…same routine as we have done for 8 years now…setting up the soundsystem, pouring the Havana clubs and ginger or sprite, laughing and making people dance.

Join us if you can…or if you are ever passing this way.

And massive love and respect to everyone DJs, club and dancers who have made it all possible these last 8 years.

See you under the disco ball x

Electric Elephants This Summer

Electric Elephants This Summer

Pleased to say that this summer I am bound for the sunny shores of Croatia to play at the ELECTRIC ELEPHANT festival. The festival was originally set up by Manchester’s finest disco aficionados The Unabombers and is basically a weekbender in the sun with a top quality soundtrack.

It will be my first appearance at the festival and I am overjoyed to be heading there with my DJ partner in crime Pedro. We will be playing together as Disco Deviance and probably doing a few solo spots here and there too while still standing. CAN’T WAIT !!!

Also great to see such a top line up coming together and so many good friends playing there over the weekend. Derrick Carter, Andrew Weatherall, Chris Duckenfield, The Unabombers, Horse Meat Disco, Lindstrom, A Guy Called Gerald, Prins Thomas, Ray Mang, Gerd Janson, Amp & Deck, Sophie Lloyd and loads more. It looks like 100% quality and good times guaranteed.

You can check the full line up so far on the EE website and of course grab yourself a ticket to the rave in the sun! And we hear there are still 4 HUGE acts to be confirmed…

It feels great to be sitting here in Baltic mid winter mode and to be looking forward already to some Adriatic summer madness.